Understanding Your Email Deliverability Rate – Everything You Need to Know

Understanding Your Email Deliverability Rate – Everything You Need to Know

In the world of outbound email marketing, it’s crucial to understand what happens to your email messages after they’ve been sent. To properly calculate the success rate of your email campaign, you need to know what your email deliverability rate is.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of your outbound email campaign. To effectively reach the inbox of a purchased list using Clickback, the software uses machine-learning to optimize the deliverability rate of your campaign.

In this post, we’ll discuss different ways of measuring the effectiveness of your B2B marketing email, and the importance of email deliverability. Clickback gives you the ability to send 100% CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR compliant email campaigns to a purchased list.

Understanding Email Deliverability

What is email deliverability? It’s not just important for outbound email campaigns – it can have a massive impact on the success of any email marketing. The email deliverability rate is the measure of an emails ability to get delivered to a person’s email address. There is a simple formula to calculate the deliverability rate of your email campaign.

How to Calculate Delivery Rate:

Take the confirmed number of delivered emails and divide it by the total number of emails sent. Eg. If you successfully delivered 23,456 messages to a purchased list of 31,000 contacts – your deliverability rate would be 76%.

There are three measurements that come into play when it comes to understanding an email campaign’s ability to reach its intended recipients. These are email deliverability, bounce rate, and inbox rate. There are multiple levels of defense to protect people from spamming large email lists with irrelevant content.

Sender Reputation

A key aspect of email deliverability is the sender reputation of the IP address with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). You may have heard the phrase “warming up your IP address”, because you only get one chance to make a good first impression with the ISP filters.

Your sender reputation can easily become tarnished if you try to send emails in bulk to a purchased list. The nature of cold emailing means that it will trigger many deliverability-killing signals such as a low engagement rate and potential spam complaints.

This is one of the reasons Clickback uses its own dedicated IP addresses to send your outbound campaigns. This means you do not have to worry about destroying your email deliverability rate because your IP has been banned or blacklisted. When you use Clickback to send to a cold list, your sender reputation is untouched.

Our email lead generation software allows you to set up the necessary SPF records to successfully contact your cold email list. The list cleaning stage on import takes care of issues such as errors in contact information that could prevent your messages from being delivered.

Inbox Rates and Bounce Rates

A strong deliverability rate will “earn the trust” of the email servers, and they will accept incoming messages. Now, the messages will fall into one of 3 possible scenarios, reaching the recipient’s inbox, the spam folder, or bouncing. To calculate the inbox rate of your campaign you need to divide the number of emails that went to the inbox by the overall number of emails sent.

The inbox rate does not count emails that were delivered but went into the spam folder. The inbox rate paints a clearer picture of the success of your email campaign than the email deliverability rate alone. Getting your messages to land in the inbox is the only way to generate warm B2B leads from a list of cold contacts.

The bounce rate of your campaign is calculated by using the number of emails that were rejected by the receiving server. The deliverability rate includes the number of emails that were successfully accepted by the server, while the bounce rate is all of the emails that were returned to you.

Benefit from Industry-Leading Deliverability

Clickback was built for B2B email lead generation. It allows you to turn a cold list of contacts into warm, opted leads by making sure your email messages reach the inbox of your prospects. Our software works alongside your email service provider and marketing automation software to grow your opt-in email list.

Clickback’s robust list cleaning features prepare your cold list for delivery by removing spam traps, honeypots and other forms of bad data. The advanced reporting tools provide you with insightful details about your campaign performance so can improve on content that resonates with your target audience.

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