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Convert Cold B2B Contacts Into Warm Leads With Email

Clickback is Email Lead Generation software™ (ELG) that’s different from traditional marketing automation and email service providers.


Clickback is a lead driver for marketers that want to warm up their cold contacts with a SaaS platform that safely and securely sends ELG campaigns to convert their contacts into opted-in leads.

Meanwhile, unconverted contacts are tracked, targeted and nurtured using our Website Visitor Intelligence™ (WVI) technology for increased B2B lead conversion into any CRM/MA tech stack.

Put your cold email list to work and start landing high-quality B2B leads by sending effective marketing campaigns to your targeted list of contacts. (View Our Case Study).

How Clickback Works

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Email lead generation software for effective cold campaigns

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Clean your list on import

Your list goes through a comprehensive series of checks, so your sender reputation remains pristine.

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Design professional emails

Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates, or use our drag-and-drop editor.

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Boost opens and clicks

Create a personalized experience for your contacts by adding elements sich as their name, job title, company, etc..

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Improve campaign ROI

Detailed, at-a-glance reporting makes analyzing your KPIs simple.

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Website Visitor Intelligence™

Track not only which of your email contacts are interacting with your website, but how they’re interacting with your website.

Clickback Features

Message Builder Screenshot 3Easy message creator

The easy message creator lets you design professional emails that not only look great, but get opened. Use the drag and drop editor to build powerful messages, and preview your content on desktop and mobile devices.

The design and feel of your email campaign can have a big impact on its success. A well-crafted email message that also looks beautiful can highlight the professionalism of your brand, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

New Product Dashboard SmallerBuild smarter campaigns

Clickback’s dashboard features at-a-glance reporting that allows for quick insights into the performance of your campaigns, and a detailed ‘Reports’ tab to easily view and analyze key data about your campaigns, so you can optimize.

Our email campaign reporting tool provides you with the information you need to create the type of content that engages with your target audience. This way, you can continually improve your campaign ROI.

ReportingWebsite Visitor Intelligence (WVI)

By adding a simple line of code to your landing page or website, you’ll have the ability to track contacts from your Email Lead Generation campaigns to see which of them visit your website and who of them have filled out a form.

The WVI tracking code also allows you to view form details that contacts from your ELG campaigns have filled out. This feature allows you to make informed content and design changes.

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List cleaning and verification

After you import your purchased list into our software, every email address goes through a variety of health and anti-spam checks.

These hygiene checks will reveal if an email address is a spam trap or could cause issues with spam filters. This significantly improves the bounce rate of your email campaigns and helps get your message to the inbox.

Since this feature is included in our software, you won’t have to pay extra for a third-party list verification service. The Clickback advanced list hygiene feature will:

Clean your list to remove bad email addresses
Clean your list to remove spam traps
Clean your list to remove honeypots
Run a verification check of email address on import

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Campaign optimization

The advanced spam checker tool runs the content of your campaign through a series of advanced filters that alert you of any potential deliverability threats before you hit send.

The software will only let you send 100% CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR compliant email campaigns, so you can be sure that your messages are delivered safely, and above the law.

The personalization features include tokens for user and company names. This is a key factor involved when looking to increase the user engagement of an outbound email marketing campaign.

Advanced spam checker tool
Send 100% compliant campaigns
287 variables checked to monitor deliverability

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