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Best Practices to Send Cold Emails in 2022

If you send cold emails or have historically, you probably know how important it is to warm-up your IPs and Domains for increased deliverability. But do you know what happens if you skip this critical step and just start sending? Continue Reading

Best Outreach Email Tool to Grow Your Business

Cold email outreach is an extremely effective way to generate B2B leads. The problem is that it can be hard to find a tool that will give you the best results. Most email platforms simply don’t allow you to send emails to cold lists, so you can’t just open Gmail or Outlook and send from them. Continue Reading

Outreach Email Automation 101: What It Is and Why You Need It | Clickback

You likely know what marketing automation (MA) software is, and you’re probably also familiar with the concept of an outreach email. But in case you don’t know: Marketing Automation (MA) is the application of technology in campaigns that aim to maintain a personalized contact with the customer based on the immediate and progressive response to… Continue Reading

Comparing Email Open Rate Benchmarks | Opt-in vs. Cold List | Clickback

Before you compare your email open rate benchmarks with the “average” in your industry, marketers need to set internal goals tied to results. Add email open rate benchmarks to click… Continue Reading

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