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How Buying Email Marketing Lists Can Skyrocket Your Lead Gen | Clickback

The blog ‘How Buying Email Marketing Lists Can Skyrocket Your Lead Gen’ was originally written in 2019. It has been reworked and modernized for 2022. Buying email marketing lists is an approach that many marketers are wary of. And understandably so – a quick search shows articles explaining why it’s a bad idea, that it… Continue Reading

How to increase B2B Cold Email Response Rate?

A marketing campaign that utilizes outbound email can be incredibly effective for generating new sales leads and developing key relationship with B2B companies. Marketing and sales teams aoften struggle to increase the response rate of their cold email campaigns. No matter what your campaign goals are, without creating content that manages to earn a response… Continue Reading

Convert Your Cold Calling List into an Email List

Are you still using a cold calling list as part of your outbound marketing strategy? If so, the next question has to be…why? Cold calling pretty much died with the advent of caller ID. And if it didn’t, it’s been on life support at best. Continue Reading

The Anatomy of Email Marketing Campaigns: Starts with Strategy | Clickback

In the anatomy of email marketing, strategy is no question the “brain”. Ultimately when you’re planning your email marketing strategy, you are drawing from what you know to ensure a straighter (more informed) path to success. The plan starts with knowing the 2 most important factors Continue Reading

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