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Balancing Long and Short Term Marketing Strategies for Success

Sometimes being a marketer can feel like you’re trying to balance a bunch of spinning plates. A successful marketing strategy means managing all kinds of different channels and tactics. You can get so focused on what’s going on right now that you forget to plan ahead effectively. Or the opposite: if you’re too focused on… Continue Reading

Choosing the Best Cold Email Software for Your B2B Marketing

Cold email is a simple concept – get your marketing in front of a lot of targeted potential customers – but there’s a whole lot more to it than that. It’s a very technical topic; ignore the details at your peril. Or at least at your deliverability’s peril. We’re going to help you pick the… Continue Reading

Why Using a Mass Email Sender Plugin (for WordPress, etc) is a Bad Idea

People love it when things are easy. There’s a strong attraction towards an easy solution to an issue – even when it might not be the best choice. Mass email is like that. Many marketers who are looking to launch mass campaigns will ask “is there a way I can make it work with the… Continue Reading

When to Send Email Marketing (and When Not To)

The day and time you send your email marketing campaigns will drastically impact their success. The problem is knowing when to schedule them for, and how often to send them. There’s an overload of information out there on the subject, and much of it is contradictory. So what will actually work for you? Most articles… Continue Reading

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