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Don’t Stop Marketing: Inbound and Outbound Marketing

As most savvy businesses know, marketing is one of the key elements for a company’s growth. In fact, the right type of marketing can often build a brand’s reputation and awareness up while helping to generate revenue. The wrong type of marketing however can lead to the decline in sales growth, loss of product traction… Continue Reading

3 Simple Tips for Writing Emails to Boost Lead Generation

Need to increase your email lead generation? Most people think boosting lead generation through emails is a tough process. It can be if you aren’t connected with your audience. To boost lead generation through emails you need to have a good, strategized email. One that tempts the user to click and read through the whole email.… Continue Reading

Lead Generation Strategies that Drive Results

Lead generation is a fundamental part of growing your business. Although generating new leads is important, nurturing your existing leads into hot prospects for sales is vital. In fact, a recent study cites that majority of leads don’t convert because of lack of lead nurturing citing that a new lead doesn’t become qualified until it… Continue Reading

Balancing Long and Short Term Marketing Strategies for Success

Sometimes being a marketer can feel like you’re trying to balance a bunch of spinning plates. A successful marketing strategy means managing all kinds of different channels and tactics. You can get so focused on what’s going on right now that you forget to plan ahead effectively. Or the opposite: if you’re too focused on… Continue Reading

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