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Having Images in Email: Best Practices and Actionable Tips

Everyone wants their emails to look appealing, and what better way to do that than to use some awesome images? If you use images the wrong way, you might be risking your deliverability. Especially with cold email campaigns. So let’s look at best practices for images in email and how to use them properly. Continue Reading

How to Build a B2B Brand That Customers Love

Building a B2B brand can be tough as branding is often thought of as a B2C thing, and therefore it’s sometimes seen as less important in the B2B world. Thing is, branding is just as important for B2B companies. So, let’s talk about how to build a B2B brand that your customers will love. Continue Reading

Bulk Email Verification: Why List Hygiene Matters

Today’s B2B marketers are faced with many challenges, and one of them is managing their company’s digital reputation. This includes maintaining a healthy sender reputation in the eyes of internet service providers (ISPs) to keep email deliverability rates high. Continue Reading

Targeted Bulk Email Marketing: Generate Qualified B2B Leads

Bulk email marketing is one of the best methods of scaling lead generation. It has been proven-effective in gathering marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) faster than other content. But to the newcomer, it can seem like a lot to understand. Let’s simplify it. Continue Reading

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