Become a Data Partner

Help your clients safely and effectively
use their purchased list.

There’s a world of customers out there who want your data

Problem is, they don’t know how to use it. In some cases, they don’t even know they’re allowed. Our data partner program is designed to help you attract more clients, offer more value and generate more repeat business.

Why partner with Clickback?

Your data without Clickback…

Your data with Clickback…

Your customers’ opted-in lists can be compromised

Permission-based and purchased lists are kept separate, so the integrity of each list is maintained

Your customers can get locked out of their email marketing platform and lose the ability to communicate with clients

Accounts are never banned, even when using a purchased list, meaning all lists and creative materials are protected

Deliverability on high-volume email campaigns is extremely low

287+ deliverability variables are monitored, and up to 80% (or more) deliverability can be achieved

Clients’ corporate IPs and domains could be blacklisted

Our list-hygiene service verifies every contact and keeps digital assets safe by assuming all the risk for non-permission based campaigns

Benefits of our data partner program

Increase your revenue

Shore up your bottom line with recurring monthly commissions based on the volume of your clients’ campaigns.

Offer more than just data

Our email lead generation software allows your clients to safely
and legally use your data, without compromising their other
digital assets.

Be among the first

Our data partners are the first to offer a trusted, CAN-SPAM compliant method for their clients to generate warm B2B leads using purchased data.

Get more repeat business

Preserve and expand the lifetime value of your clients by giving them a better way to use their data.

Keep your client coming back for more

The lifecycle of your referral client

Purchase a list

Once your client has purchased a list from you, refer them to Clickback to safely and effectively reach out to cold contacts with an email lead generation campaign.

Get new data

Once your clients begin to see results, they go back to their data provider to start the process again.

Open an account

Each new client you refer gets a dedicated account manager specialized in email lead generation using purchased data.

Start emailing

Client begins warming up their cold contacts with our email lead generation software, while you earn commission based on the email volume of your referral.

Join the Clickback Data Partner Program

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