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Turn your website into a sales prospecting tool

Sales teams want leads, not web analytics. They want companies, names, and contact information, not IP addresses, or page views. Clickback WEB is a website visitor tracking tool that gives your sales team the ability to reach out to warm B2B leads that are in the early buying-stages of the sales funnel.

By using website visitor tracking and identification software, warm B2B leads rise to the surface so your sales team can focus on what they do best. Clickback WEB is different from website analytics tools because it was designed for busy sales teams that need actionable information at their fingertips, not raw, unfiltered data.

Website Visitor Identification Software

tracking visitors to your website

Get Notified When Visitors Return

Clickback WEB notifies your sales team when a targeted company returns to your website, as these are often some of the warmest early stage leads. Quickly create a custom “watch list” of the key companies and contacts you want to connect with.


Detailed Website Visitor Click Paths

Follow the click paths of each visitor to discover exactly which pages of your site they’ve been on, and for how long. Use this insightful visitor tracking data to make smarter marketing decisions and create powerful sales connections.

On-Going Email Support

Have questions about the software? Our customer success team is here to answer any questions you may have. The software also includes helpful user guides for those that prefer to learn on their own terms.


Assign Contacts to Your Sales Team

We know that running a sales team efficiently means being able to easily assign new leads to your sales team. Clickback WEB includes useful lead assignment features that ensure your sales department continues to run at top speed.

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Go way beyond traditional analytics tools

Turn your website into a sales prospecting tool that uncovers potential leads, virtually on autopilot. We do the heavy lifting, so you’re not wasting time chasing leads. Instead, you’ll get the highest quality data such as the names of key decision makers at the companies who have visited your website, not just IP addresses.

That’s what makes Clickback WEB so different. Each day our software gives your sales team a fresh new list of companies who came to your website, shown an interest in your product or service, but didn’t convert. These are some of the warmest leads that are currently leaving your site without a trace.

For many of the companies identified, you’ll have the option of purchasing the complete contact details of decision-makers at those companies including their name, job title, phone number, and email address.

Clickback WEB reveals which companies and industries are interested in your business, and what they engage with. Keep your sales funnel full of targeted leads.

Never make a cold call again

Combine the power of inbound marketing to attract prospects to your content, with a proven outbound marketing strategy that generates warm leads. Put your website to work by giving it the power to show your sales team exactly who’s exploring your website, and what they engage with.

Accelerate your lead growth by using Clickback WEB to identify and connect with decision makers who are early in the buying process. You’ll know exactly which type of content engages with them because our software shows you which pages they visited on your site.

Our website visitor tracking software gives you a way to reach out to hot prospects before your competitors do.


Number of leads identified for users

Let us start identifying yours today. Just add a few lines of code to your website and watch the leads roll in.


Number of deals needed to see an ROI

For most, if just one lead identified becomes a customer, Clickback WEB pays for itself.

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Start uncovering the warm B2B leads visiting your website

Accelerate your B2B lead generation efforts by turning anonymous website visitors into leads with Clickback WEB.

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