Want to See Who Visits Your Website? Here’s How

Want to See Who Visits Your Website? Here’s How

Today’s marketers have shifted from asking, “how many visitors are coming to my website” to “who is visiting my website”.


Answering that question can provide much more value to your marketing team because it presents new opportunities to reach and engage with your target buyer persona. When it comes to B2B lead generation, it’s tough to poke holes in the theory that your visitors that are exploring your website are some of your hottest potential leads.


Google Analytics is a great tool if you’re just looking to gauge the number of visitors to your website, but to understand who these visitors are requires something a little more powerful. Imagine being able to see the companies that are on your site at a glance, so you can pick and choose who is most valuable to your marketing and sales team.


Unlike using Google Analytics alone, businesses now have several dedicated website visitor tracking software options that will uncover exactly who visits your website, not just their IP address and location. If you’re looking to scale your B2B lead generation efforts with a focused attack, start leveraging the power of website visitor tracking to show you what you’ve been missing.


Clickback WEB will show you the company names, annual revenue, number of employees and much more. See who visits your website with a free 14-day trial of our software.


Website Visitor Tracking Shows You:


  • Company Names and Location
  • Company Size and Number of Employees
  • Number of Employees and Annual Revenue
  • The Pages They’ve Viewed and Revisited


See who visits your website


The Clickback WEB dashboard


How Does Knowing “Who Visits Your Website” Assist the Sales Team?


Your sales team works hard to track leads, develop customer relationships, and turn those leads into profit. Working in a fast-paced industry, where technology changes every day and your competitors are always on your heels can be stressful. There is always a sense of urgency when it comes to sales, especially in our current online society.


Any edge you can get over competitors is always welcome, especially if it’s something that streamlines your processes and saves time in the long run. Traditional website analytics tools don’t directly benefit the sales team, but comprehensive visitor tracking systems do.


Recent advancements to visitor tracking software give insight into which companies are browsing your site and whether or not they convert. The software not only tracks potential B2B leads on your website but shows you how long they spend on the site and what pages they visit. The data provided includes vital company information including the contact details of decision-makers at the company.


This is invaluable information for your sales team because it helps them get in contact with potential clients who are browsing your site early in the buying process. By enabling your sales team to make meaningful contact with these decision makers before your competition, you will form stronger bonds and close more deals.


website visitor tracking software


Clickback WEB uses the IP addresses of your website visitors to extract the real companies and contacts behind them. Stop guessing who you’re speaking too, and deliver relevant content to the B2B leads that are already warm.


Website Visitor Tracking for Better Marketing Team Insights


If comprehensive visitor tracking helps close deals for the sales team, it’s equally or more beneficial for the marketing team. By knowing who is browsing your website, your marketing team can create content that will entice a certain type of client. Enriched data from your website will paint a specific picture of what you should and should not include in your email marketing campaigns, website content, blog content, and social media pages.


Right from the start, your marketing team will have the information needed to create meaningful ad campaigns and online content that will entice the type of clients you are trying to land. With this extra information, you are able to streamline your processes and create more effective campaigns that create a better ROI for your business.


The bottom line is, when you know who visits your website, you can create content that speaks directly to them. This often results in better engagement, and lower bounce rates. From a content marketing perspective, you’ll have the insights needed to build useful resources that provide actionable value to your audience. You’ll set the framework for future content that you know your organic traffic leads are interested in.


Go Beyond Traditional Inbound Marketing


A website visitor tracking software can help you maximize the ROI of your site, because it goes beyond traditional form fills via inbound marketing. It can dramatically increase the conversion rate on your website because it lets you tap into the 98% of the traffic that never fills out a contact form.


Using the detailed visitor click path feature, you’ll be able to better understand where your prospect is in the sales cycle. For instance, if a visitor from a particular company has come back to your pricing page several times, it’s a good sign that they are nearly ready to take the next step in the funnel. Instead of potentially losing this hot lead to a competitor, reach out to them with a highly targeted approach that gives them the information they need to close.


You can also increase the ROI from specific marketing campaigns because Clickback WEB lets you build a “watch list” of companies that fit your ideal buyer persona. Stop guessing who your website visitors are, and start identifying them.


See the companies that are visiting your website, and the common factors they share that make them so curious about your business solutions.


Clickback WEB


With Clickback WEB, you will notice a significant increase in your lead conversion while also making the jobs of your sales and marketing team easier and more streamlined. By accessing the company data of your online visitors, you will enjoy more closed deals and better-targeted ads and online content.


Added features such as email notifications and a simplified export option will also help you secure more leads and enjoy a better ROI with Clickback WEB. These insights will help you better understand the “who” beyond the “how many”.


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