What to Look For in Your Email List Provider

What to Look For in Your Email List Provider

Cold email is powerful – but your campaigns are only as good as your list quality. If you have a poor list, the best campaign in the world won’t get great results.

It all starts with your list, and that means you need to choose your email list provider with care.

If you’re looking for a high-end list, here’s everything you need to know.

What to Look For in Your Email List Provider

Why Your List Matters Most

Every piece of your campaign – from the subject line all the way to the form on your landing page – is built to convince your contacts to convert. Before any of that can work, though, your campaign needs to be aimed at the right people.

There are two main pitfalls when it comes to lists: bad targeting and bad data.

Bad targeting happens when your list doesn’t contain solely contacts that match your target audience. You might end up with a badly-targeted list if your provider scrapes their data, doesn’t offer highly-targeted lists, or you purchased the wrong thing by accident. A badly-targeted list makes it extremely difficult to actually generate leads.

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Bad data, on the other hand, happens in every list. It happens a lot more when the list is scraped (more on that shortly), but every list deteriorates naturally over time. People change jobs or quit, sometimes there’s a typo or the address has been repurposed as a spam trap – there are plenty of reasons why a given email address may no longer be valid.

Of course, the more bad data there is in your list, the more problems you’re going to encounter – and the worse your results are going to be. For one thing, more bad data means fewer potential customers inside that list.

Here’s what to look for in your email list provider.

They Don’t Scrape

This is a big one, possibly the biggest one. Scraped lists are always a bad idea.

Scraping is when you use a bot to trawl the internet for anything that looks like an email address. That’s then collected, or “scraped”, and added to your list. The problem is, that contact could be anyone. You have no idea whether it’s even a real address, much less a targeted contact.

Already, we can see that scraped lists aren’t worth sending to, but there’s another factor: because your contacts are totally random, not only will your campaigns fail to generate leads effectively – you’ll also be spamming.

Spam reports are a very quick way to ruin your sender score and end up on a blacklist, which makes it next to impossible to succeed with email. You really don’t want to end up blacklisted.

They Aggregate Data Instead

If they don’t scrape it, how do they get data?

Simply put, they aggregate it, which means they build their lists over time. The result is lists that are more reliable, more fully populated with actual contacts, and are actually targeted.

Which means that a reputable vendor can provide lists of contacts in particular job roles or industries, for example.

In turn, that allows you to focus your campaigns on your target audience, which is absolutely crucial for success.

Finding a Good Provider

With so much riding on how good your list is, it might seem daunting to have to pick. How do you know a vendor meets the right criteria and provides high-quality lists?

Well, you could always ask them. If they’re a solid, reputable provider, they should have no problem communicating that they aggregate rather than scrape.

Another option is to get in touch with us. Cold email is what we specialize in, and we partner with a number of reputable providers we’d be happy to refer you to.

Getting Your Emails Out There

Once you have a good list, the next step is getting your campaigns delivered properly. Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software is built for exactly that – it’s the leading-edge cold email platform, designed to help B2Bs take lead generation to new heights.

With a built-in advanced list cleansing service, real-time content auditing and much more, you can send cold campaigns with confidence.

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