The Easiest and Simplest Method to Verify Email Lists | Clickback

The Easiest and Simplest Method to Verify Email Lists | Clickback

Email marketing is a great way to nurture prospects, convert sales-ready leads, and drum up repeat and referral business. But to be effective, your list needs to be solid. And whether you’re using purchased or homegrown, organic data, verifying email lists is essential to maximizing your ROI.

Verify Email Lists

What It Means to Verify Email Lists

So what does it mean to verify email lists? Basically, email verification is part of the data cleaning process.

Your database is full of data, insight into your clientele, but if that data is inaccurate or corrupt, your sales and marketing strategies are going to suffer. Routine data cleaning ensures that every piece of information in your database is as accurate as possible, which helps keep your campaigns highly targeted and effective.

Verify Email Lists

How Do You Verify Email Lists?

Email verification may not work exactly as you think. For some old school marketers, verifying a list may conjure memories of manually transferring data, eyeballing it for inaccuracies. Put that thought out of your mind!

Others may assume that their ESP or marketing automation software has the ability to verify email lists. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Data cleaning requires a specific type of email lead generation software.

That’s where Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software comes in.

Learn more about using targeted email list.

Verify Email Lists

Clickback Can Verify Email Lists

Clickback is the easiest way to verify email lists. Why? Because it cleans your data upon import – and that’s something your ESP and marketing automation software cannot do.

When you verify email lists, you’re looking to remove a host of problems, including the following:

  • Inaccurate data – These addresses may include misspellings or bad formatting. Sometimes, these items can be corrected, sometimes they’re beyond repair.
  • Duplications — These are exactly what you’d think, duplicate accounts. Perhaps John Smith signed up for your email list twice without realizing it. But sending to him twice won’t make him happy, and it’s a waste of your time and resources.
  • Dead accounts — These are emails that once worked but have since been abandoned by their owners.
  • Spam traps – These addresses are in circulation to help identify spammers who add addresses to their email lists without permission. But that doesn’t mean they can’t find their way into an otherwise legitimate email list. Data cleaning removes the bad apples from the bunch.

Verify Email Lists

Whether you’re dealing with inaccuracies, duplications, dead accounts or spam traps, too much “dirty” data can damage your Sender Score, get you blocked by your IP or even banned by your email provider.

That’s why verifying email lists should be a routine part of your campaign procedure. Plus, a verified list helps reduce bounce rates and improve deliverability and conversion rates.

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