Generate More B2B Leads by Tracking Visitors to your Website

Generate More B2B Leads by Tracking Visitors to your Website

If your digital marketing team has done its job, your website will include valuable information and high-quality content surrounding your unique business solutions.


Inbound marketing focuses on attracting new customers by providing helpful content, so it should come as no surprise that tracking visitors to your website can result in some of the warmest B2B leads for your sales team.


The visitors have found your website while searching for solutions to their specific business needs, which means that many of them are a perfect fit for your products or services. You are ranking well in the search engines for buyer oriented keywords in your industry, and your analytics reporting shows a healthy amount of web traffic exploring your site.


But if these visitors fail to fill out a contact form, how will you know who the majority of them are?


The truth is, up to 98% of the traffic on your website will remain anonymous, and many of these visitors are warm B2B prospects that just didn’t find exactly what they were looking for to convert.


By tracking the visitors to your website you can identify new opportunities for your sales and marketing teams. You’ll be able to recover lost leads and improve the overall conversion rate of your website. The technology is not new, but many professional marketing and sales teams have still not leveraged the power of website visitor tracking.


tracking visitors to your website

Clickback WEB shows you the companies that have visited your website


Identifying website visitors using their IP address


We’re not talking about simply seeing the traffic (the number of visitors) that come to your website, we’re talking about actually identifying who these visitors are. The magic lies in the ability to uncover the company and contact details associated with each unique IP address.


A website visitor tracking software like Clickback WEB decodes the IP address to uncover specific details about the company. It can also reveal key contact details of these highly targeted prospects that are exploring your business solutions.


Tracking visitors to your website can be an extremely effective way to generate warm B2B leads for your sales team.


By identifying the companies that have been on your site (and the pages they went to), you can build out an accurate picture of your target prospect and buyer persona. A tool like Clickback WEB also lets you uncover the key contacts at these companies so your sales team can close leads with a targeted approach.


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The Dashboard of the Clickback WEB visitor tracking software 


Generate more B2B leads by identifying anonymous visitors


When you increase the number of leads generated from your website, your sales team can benefit from a sales funnel that’s constantly topped up. Marketing teams work vigilantly to maximize the number of leads generated on their website using traditional inbound methods such as content marketing and SEO.


By tracking the visitors to your website, you can identify exactly who they are to get a second chance. This includes specific details like contact names, email addresses, and phone numbers. It provides you with an opportunity to reach website visitors who would have otherwise remained anonymous.


Clickback WEB will notify you when a target prospect comes to your website for the first time, and when they return. It includes lead scoring filters that let you easily isolate the industries and company profiles that matter most to your business. Then, you can set automated notifications to alert your sales team when a target prospect has shown genuine interest in your business.

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Save time and automate your list of targeted prospects


Building a list of potential leads steals valuable time away from your sales team when they should be focusing on closing. A website visitor tracking tool like Clickback WEB can do the heavy lifting for them, by filtering out warm leads that have shown a genuine interest in your business.


You can set the robust lead filters in Clickback WEB to isolate your top prospects. The software will read all of the data coming into your website and bring the companies that interest you most to the surface. Use the lead scoring tools to help your team see exactly which prospects are worth pursuing.


Set automated notifications to alert your sales team when a targeted lead visits your website for the first time or returns. The phrase “strike while the iron is hot” comes to mind, as this can often be an opportune time to reach out to warm leads while they are in the early buying stages of the customer journey.


Give your sales team a tool that delivers new opportunities to their inbox every morning. They’ll be able to focus on the hottest leads first, giving them a competitive edge over the competition.

Don’t lose warm leads to your competitors


98% percent of the visitors on your site will never contact you, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t leverage the traces they’ve left behind. Before these visitors look elsewhere, give your marketing or sales team a chance to reach out and remain a part of the conversation.


The B2B sales cycle is long and complex, and tracking website visitors gives you another way to keep up. Clickback WEB not only shows you which companies have been on your website but the key decision makers that match your target profile.


By uncovering the contact data from the companies IP address, you’ll be able to see:


  • Contact Names
  • Job Titles
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses


The lead intelligence data on your prospects include how many times they visited your website, and which pages they spent the most time on. Often times, identifying even one key client is enough to receive a healthy return on investment with our website visitor tracking software.


“The first lead I called using Clickback WEB was extremely thankful for reaching out and answering questions our website couldn’t. In fact, the prospect was so amazed he wanted to know how we did it. Looking forward to more calls like this!” – Scott Filhaber



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