Roundup: Our Top Blog Posts for 2022 | Clickback

Roundup: Our Top Blog Posts for 2022 | Clickback

With the year coming to a close, we wanted to circle back and take a look at our top blogs for 2022. We have put many things in place as we anticipate our new and upcoming platform changes to provide better campaign results to our clients. We have added new faces to our team and helped several of our great clients increase their lead generation and grow.

We’re looking forward to a strong 2023 and can’t wait to see where it takes us, with you.

Let’s dive into our top blog posts for 2022. Finally, the leading blog over the last 4 years has been knocked out of the top spot (but not far off)! So without further ado, here’s our top 5 blog posts roundup.

1. Using The ‘9 Ps Marketing Mix’ to Up Your Marketing Strategy

For the first time in 4 years, we have a new top blog! Knocking our now second most popular blog off the leaderboard. In this blog we go through the 9 crucial ‘P’ words that you need to implement to have an authentic and successful marketing strategy. Take a deep dive in this time-tested approach that has helped marketers rethink their tactics since 2007. With well over 5,000 views this year, we hope that this blog was able to share insight and provide value to those reading it.

2. The Perfect Cold Email for Web Design (6 Strategies That Work)

Since 2018 this blog has been our number 1 viewed blog for the year and for the first time it’s been knocked off the top spot of the podium. This blog is packed with tips and tricks when it comes to cold emailing providing you with actionable strategies.

3. 5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Purchasing Email Lists

Another frequent flyer in our top 5 blogs of the year. This blog has jumped up a spot from last year and found itself as our third most viewed blog. Learn why purchased lists will be a valuable asset to your marketing stack. This should be a very early step in the process, even before learning how to send cold email marketing campaigns.

With insights from Gary Vaynerchuck included, we detail why having cold email lists are a must-have for B2B Marketers.

4. 5 Essential B2B Email Marketing Strategies

The first newcomer to our top 5 posts from this year is this blog coming out of May this year. In this blog, learn how it’s all about the quality of content you deliver to your audience. We focus on how to gain B2B leads through email, provide you with several key stats around B2B emails, as well as provide you with some B2B email marketing examples for you to view.

5. Building a Cold Email Template for Digital Marketing

The last of our top blog posts for 2022 is another newcomer also coming out of May this year. We break down why there is a need to have a templated email message and why you shouldn’t just go pick one up off the internet. Be methodical when creating this. In this blog, we help you with that. We run you through the key steps and provide you with examples. Plus we throw in a little “secret trick” for you at the end. Check it out and structure your cold email campaigns for the best results!

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