How to Safely Send Emails to a Purchased List

How to Safely Send Emails to a Purchased List

When you send emails to a purchased list, you have the opportunity to grow your database of warm B2B leads virtually overnight. The lead generation potential is very real, and smart marketing and sales teams are putting cold email campaigns to work for them.


But, if you’re planning on sending emails to a third party list, traditional (opt-in) marketing automation software can cause long-term damage to your mailing reputation.


Email service providers and MAs (marketing automation) were not designed for sending emails to non-permission-based lists.  You risk damaging your sender reputation because the list includes “dirty data” such as honeypots and spam traps.


So how do you effectively send emails to a purchased list without damaging your reputation?  The key is to use software that was designed for effectively reaching cold contacts. (That’s also CAN-SPAM compliant).


Safely send emails to your purchased list using Clickback MAIL.

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How to Safely Send Emails to a Purchased List


To make sure the outbound email campaign reaches your prospect’s inbox, you need to maximize deliverability. By using an email lead generation software designed specifically for reaching cold contacts, you can protect the sending reputation of your IP.


Let’s say you have a purchased list of 50,000 contacts. You could spend weeks and months cold calling this list, or you could leverage an email sending software that delivers targeted messages to this list.  If you try to blast the email out to this many cold contacts using your work ISP, your domain will get blocked right away.


Another option is to create a new (free) email account and try sending to your large purchased list that way. Big mistake. Not only is it against the email providers terms of service, but a cold list will quickly hit spam filters and your messages won’t be seen by anyone. Instead, consider using a software built for generating quality email leads the right way.


Clickback MAIL cleans your purchased list to filter out all factors that negatively affect deliverability, so you can send CAN-SPAM compliant campaigns.

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Software Built for Generating Email Leads


outbound email marketing

Outbound email marketing is an especially effective strategy when you’re selling a complex, business-to-business product or service. B2B services typically have a long sales cycle that involves multiple decision makers. By delivering valuable information to targeted prospects, you aren’t spamming them, you’re offering a relevant business solution to a problem.


Email allows you to scale your lead generation efforts in a way not possible by cold calling on the phone. The problem is that many marketers think that email marketing to cold contacts is easy when in reality it’s not. Great care must be given to a large email campaign to maximize the number of opens (and conversions).


With an email sending platform that includes the right tools, you can effectively accelerate your outbound B2B email lead generation using a purchased list. What good is a giant list of contacts if you can’t communicate with this audience effectively?


Email lead generation software uses its own domains and IP’s to monitor any blacklisting that could occur.  You’ll never have to worry about your corporate domain or IP getting blacklisted because they’re never used.


“Understanding how to effectively utilize outbound e-mail marketing is a skill that will save your business tremendous amounts of time and money”.


Clean your Data to Maximize Deliverability


The first key step towards ensuring that your purchased email list is ready to go is to scrub the data.  Running hygiene checks will remove potential spam traps and redundancies that prevent your email campaigns from reaching the inbox.

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Software like Clickback MAIL cleans your email list on import, running it through a variety of health and anti-spam risk checks.  This is a feature that marketing automation software does not do.


Clickback lets you send 100% CAN-SPAM compliant emails to cold prospects.


Once you have reached the cold contacts from your purchased list – you can then welcome them to your opt-in list and continue to nurture your leads.  The lead generation power of a non-permission-based list lies in the opportunity to convert cold traffic into warm leads.


Convert Cold Contacts into Warm Opt-In Leads


Once your purchased list has been optimized to maximize deliverability, you can then focus on converting the prospects to opt-in to your permission-based marketing automation software such as Hubspot.


Convert cold contacts to opt-inCreate a relevant offer to your cold traffic, that offers a solution to a common pain point with your audience.  By using some of the email marketing tips we have shared on this blog, you can improve the clickthrough rate to your offer:



Make sure your landing page is consistent with your offer. The content on your landing page (including the headline, image, and value proposition) should message match the CTA in your email.


Now, your opt-in form can collect relevant data to nurture your leads using opt-in marketing automation software.  If you have provided valuable information to your cold lead, they are much more likely to opt-in to your warm list and consider your offer when they are ready to close.


Clickback MAIL lets you create personalized campaigns by adding in elements such as your contacts name, company name and more.


Complement your Marketing Automation with Cold Email Lead Generation


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Email marketing is an invaluable tool for connecting with your target audience, even if your first point of contact is to a cold prospect. The value in your purchased list lies in the opportunity to consistently push new leads into your sales funnel.


By following a few simple rules, sending emails to a purchased list can effectively turn cold contacts into warm leads.  A dedicated lead generation software that is CAN-SPAM compliant ensures that your business is safe from damaging your sender reputation.


The speed and directness of email give you a powerful and efficient way to accelerate your B2B lead generation efforts.


See how one of our clients generated $30K in recurring revenue from a single cold email campaign:

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