Send Emails to a Purchased List, Safely

Send Emails to a Purchased List, Safely

Send emails to a purchased list, but make sure you do it safely. A great tactic to grow your database of potential leads with an extremely quick turnaround is to acquire purchased lists. Utilize these lists to send your marketing messages. Based on the relevancy of your content, this is a great outlet to generate strong lead potential. Turn what was a cold contact into a warm, opted-in lead.

A typical marketing automation platform works great for opted-in contacts. However, when you’re dealing with a purchased list of cold contacts, that you have no prior relationship with, it becomes extremely important to use a software that is designed to protect your mailing reputation.

You may not have thought about your mailing reputation coming into this, but this is crucial to upholding key metrics like deliverability.

You need a specific email lead generation platform for this type of cold contacting. Marketing automation platforms are not designed to effectively send non-permission-based emails. Therefore, they’re not looking to protect your mailing reputation.

So, the question becomes, how do you effectively send emails to a purchased list without damaging your reputation?

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How to Safely Send Emails to a Purchased List

Deliverability becomes a crucial aspect, as we mentioned previously. You need to make sure your cold email campaign reaches your intended recipient. Protect the sending ability and reputation of your IP when reaching out to cold contacts. Use an Email Lead Generation software to ensure this.

Let’s consider you don’t use a software designed specifically for something like this. Not only will it take you WAY too long to hit a list of 10,000 recipients, but when using your company’s ISP, you will quickly find your domain getting blocked. Leaving you with a long way back to a healthy domain and many missed opportunities.

You may also come up with the idea to create a new, free email account. This will surely get you ahead of the roadblocks. This too would be a mistake. Sending from a new account to a cold list you will find out sooner than later that your message becomes flagged as spam and you will see the deliverability of your email suffer heavily. This is why it’s so important to use an Email Lead Generating software.

Fortunately, Clickback was designed for this need. Through their software your mailer reputation will be protected, purchased lists will be cleaned of the factors that will affect your deliverability and keep you CAN-SPAM compliant.

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Software Designed for Generating Email Leads

The importance of ensuring relevant information to a targeted audience or segmented list is providing value within your content. Make sure you’re not spamming them, and you’re providing them value because they fit a mold for the service, product, or brand you’re offering.

It’s simply not possible to scale lead generation by cold calling on a phone as it is utilizing a third-party list and send out a bulk email. Some may assume that cold email marketing is much simpler when having access to a large list. This is not the case. As this recipient isn’t aware of you, and there’s no relationship established. You need to generate strong, relevant content to initiate a clickthrough or conversion. Your subject must be strong enough to catch their attention and make them want to open your email.

Having access to a purchased list and combining that with an email sending platform that has the necessary components you require; you can expedite your email lead generation at a much more accelerated rate.

When you’re using a software that has the right tools you need for cold email marketing, you don’t have to worry about being blacklisted because they use their own domains and IP’s. With these in place, there’s no need to worry about harming your corporate domains or IP’s.

Clean Your Data to Maximize Deliverability

Deliverability is such a key component when using a purchased list for cold email marketing campaigns because to get results, you need your emails to reach your recipients. That’s why it’s so important to have a software like Clickback to ensure your data is clean upon import. There are several health and anti-spam checks that directly affect your deliverability.

You need to be able to convert your cold contacts into warm leads. As we’ve mentioned before, relevancy is a major factor is gaining that conversion. Once you’ve achieved the conversion, you can welcome them to opt-in to receive other marketing messages that pertain to them.

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Convert Cold Contacts into Warm Opt-In Leads

The beginning stages of a cold email is to be able to maximize your delivery. From there your next focus becomes being able to convert that viewer. Whether that be a call, click, purchase, etc. One thing to always keep in mind is that you want them to convert to opt-in to your messaging moving forward for a continued relationship.

Relevancy has been mentioned throughout, and it remains a key feature here. Especially with a cold email campaign, providing an offer to them with a focus on providing a solution to a pain point that’s relevant to that audience will go a long way.

Landing pages also play a key aspect in the process of providing relevant content to your viewer. You want to make sure you’re there’s a consistency between your call to action via cold email and a landing page you’re linking to. Certain things like headlines, offers and images should all be consistent.

Compliment your Marketing Automation with Cold Email Lead Generation

Having access to an email marketing tool can play a big role in your first connection with a cold prospect. As long as you’re keeping relevant to you recipients, this gives you a much better chance of connecting with your target audience. Having a clean bulk list plays a major role, based on the factors of you being relevant to a hurdle, and the sheer amount of address provided. With you being relevant and connecting with thousands of potential prospects, you’re bound to generate leads with the purpose of conversions.

Keep in mind protecting your mailer reputation should be a main priority because that will directly affect your deliverability. Keeping Can-Spam compliant is a major step in ensuring your deliverability remains high. From there is up to you to create a value for your intended target in the content you provide.

There are not many more ways to reach the effectiveness that a successful cold email marketing generates, if certain “rules” are followed. Focus on providing your recipients relevant content, provide them a value to a hurdle, make sure your content is clear and concise and don’t forget your subject line is the key to getting them to open your message.

Clickback has found major success over the years with their Email Lead Generation software and has specialized and pioneered the industry.

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