Turn Your Website Into a Sales Prospecting Tool

Turn Your Website Into a Sales Prospecting Tool

Marketing and Sales teams understand that the bulk of the B2B buyer journey takes place in the form of online research and exploration. Decision makers will Google your brand, read reviews and explore the content on your website long before they choose to move forward and become a customer.

Traditional website analytics tools like Google Analytics will show you how many visitors came to your website, how they found you, and how long they stayed. What it doesn’t tell you, however, is who they are.  Are you willing to wait patiently for these website visitors to fill out a contact form on your website?

The inbound marketing strategy is effective at generating warm leads, but it’s also difficult to scale and can be painfully slow. An outbound approach puts you in the driver’s seat, and can even put your B2B lead generation efforts on autopilot.

A website visitor tracking software like Clickback WEB gives you the name and details of the companies that have shown interest in your business. Your marketing team can nurture the companies you uncover from the IP addresses of the visitors, and sales can reach out to warm leads to close.

In the following post, we’ll tell you how to turn your website into a sales prospecting tool that generates warm B2B leads on autopilot. Your sales team will get notified when a warm prospect visits your website, and exactly which pages they visit.

Make your Website a Sales Prospecting Tool

One of the most effective sales prospecting techniques you can implement for your business is to add an IP tracker (website visitor identification) to your website.  To do this, you’ll need to embed a small line of code (or use the WordPress plugin) to the backend of your website.

Clickback WEB is a powerful sales prospecting tool that can identify early-stage leads. It lets you connect with the right people, at a critical stage of the buyer journey. The software reads the company information from the unique IP address of the visitor to provide you with useful sales prospecting attributes.

Visitor Tracking Software

Website visitor tracking software can be a tremendous way to identify B2B leads because it pulls important sales prospecting details to the surface. It not only identifies the visitors in a way that is useful to sales and marketing teams, but it alerts you when a prospect re-visits your site in the form of an email.

This indicates that your prospective client could be researching your product, at which point you can reach out to them with a solution while they are most engaged.  By watching the pages of your site they explore, you can paint an accurate picture of the user’s buyer persona.

Depending on the profile of your prospect, and the content being consumed, you can decide which step to take next. If the prospect is warm enough, a member of your sales team could reach and close the contact. If the prospect is still in the early stages of the buying cycle, the potential lead can be delivered to marketing for further nurturing.

Clickback WEB streamlines your B2B lead generation efforts by uncovering useful visitor behavior on your website. Using Clickback WEB to watch specific user activity on your website is only half of the equation, the real value is in the way it isolates the most useful sales prospecting information and delivers it to your team.

Clickback WEB

Visitor Tracking Software for B2B Lead Generation

If you’re familiar with website visitor data through Google Analytics, you’ve probably got some great insight into the behavior of your audience.  The problem is, you can’t quickly pass this information over to sales in a meaningful way. An active sales team doesn’t have time to filter through endless reports to find what they’re really looking for… leads!

Dedicated website visitor tracking software acts as a sales prospecting tool for accelerated lead growth. Clickback WEB delivers the key information sales teams are looking for to fill their pipelines such as company name, locations, industries and annual revenues of the prospects.

One of the most practical features of a sales prospecting tool like Clickback WEB is the ability to set up daily email notifications to manage your pipeline more efficiently. You’ll know when a current prospect revisits your website, so you can engage with them at just the right time.

Clickback WEB

“The first lead I called using Clickback WEB was extremely thankful for reaching out and answering questions our website couldn’t. In fact, the prospect was so amazed he wanted to know how we did it. Looking forward to more calls like this!”

– Scott Filhaber, VP of Marketing and Sales, Dataman Group

Find out what Prospects are Doing on your Website

From a sales perspective, implementing a visitor tracking software tool to your existing website analytics gives you a deeper understanding of potential leads. By de-coding the business names behind the IP addresses, you’ll unearth insightful data you can use to close more deals.

With Clickback WEB you’ll be able to:

  • Know when a target prospect comes to your website for the first time
  • Know when a prospect returns to your website
  • Know which pages of your site the prospect looked at
  • Know when your lost and/or current customers return to your website

Use website visitor tracking to increase the number of leads entering the sales funnel. Your team will have the ability to close more sales as a result of a funnel that is always topped up.

A Powerful B2B Sales Prospecting Tool

Don’t let potential leads that are researching your website slide through your fingers. Clickback WEB provides you with the contact details you need to reach out before they enter your competitor’s sales funnel.

Go beyond traditional website analytics and start tapping into the leads you would have otherwise missed.

Try Clickback WEB

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