Proven Strategies to Increase Sales Leads for Your B2B Business

Proven Strategies to Increase Sales Leads for Your B2B Business

Are you looking to increase sales leads? An essential first step towards converting leads into paying customers is getting more people to know about your business. If people aren’t aware of your unique solutions, even the best B2B products and services will go unsold.


Your sales team relies on a constant flow of high-quality sales leads flowing into the funnel, and to do that you need to get in front of the right audience. When you reach out to businesses in need of a solution, you are both providing value to the industry, and increasing your number of potential leads.


In this post, we’ll offer up our best advice when it comes to ways to increase sales leads for your B2B business.


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Increase sales leads, earn more revenue


To increase sales leads, you need to go where the action is. It’s important to find new ways to target your ideal prospects so that you can maximize your lead generation efforts. The only way you’ll be able to scale your business at an accelerated rate is to keep a steady stream of sales leads entering the funnel.


Most B2B marketers focus on attracting more prospects to their brand’s digital channels via inbound marketing, yet this is only one shade of the spectrum. Converting visitors into sales is the real challenge, and qualified opportunities are the Holy grail of marketing.

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In a report by Cheif Executive, generating sales leads was listed as the top priority for B2B marketers.


By increasing the volume of high-quality leads entering the sales funnel, your business will also increase revenue. All B2B leads are not created equal, which is why targeting your prospects is so important. Generating high-quality leads that convert into paying customers means targeting the right kind of people.


Every new email address and phone number entered into your CRM is worth something, but only the warmest leads present an opportunity for the biggest return on investment. The value proposition of your business is the foundation of your marketing efforts.


How you describe your offering, and how it promises to fulfill your buyer’s needs is critically important. Having an inbound marketing strategy in place that includes effective lead capture forms must be done before you look into strategies to increase sales leads.


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The inbound sales methodology – Ironpaper


The following strategies are being used by B2B companies across the globe to increase sales leads by getting their brand into the conversation. These are some of the methods we use at Clickback to land quality B2B leads for our software solutions each and every month.


Social media – Twitter


As you are well aware, social media has become an excellent way to increase sales leads over the past 5-10 years. The lead generation potential using social media is strong, but so is the likelihood of wasted time and poor results.  The social media landscape is more crowded than ever, and every business wants their piece of the action.


Twitter can be a useful tool for B2B lead generation, but there is no one-size-fits-all tactic. To have any hopes of generating warm leads using Twitter, you’ll first need to get your target prospects to engage with you and your brand.


Follow people that match your ideal buyer persona, and inject actionable value to the conversation. The personalization and one-on-one nature of this tactic can be time-consuming. However, if you have spent the time to understand those that best fit your target buyer persona, it can be well worth the time and effort.


Crowdsourcing – Quora


Quora can be a fantastic source of leads because many of your prospects are already on Quora, looking for answers. At Clickback, we remind users in need of an outbound email platform about our unique solutions on Quora.




One of Clickback’s answers on Quora was viewed over 9,000 times. This lead to a noticeable spike in organic traffic to our website.


Some tips for engaging with users on this platform include answering industry-specific questions in which your product is a relevant solution. Not only are you helping others out, you’re making sure that your product is a part of the conversation.


Because of the problem-solving nature of this tactic, the leads generated are often high-quality, warm leads that are ready to enter the funnel. Be sure to include a link to your product pages where applicable so readers can easily explore your business further.


Use Live chat on your website


Your website should explain every possible feature and benefit of your business solutions, but often times, users still have many questions. To make it even easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for, add a live chat function to your site.


At Clickback, we use LiveChat to interact with prospects that want to learn more about our lead generation solutions. It’s the fastest way to give your prospects the exact information they need to make a purchasing decision.


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LiveChat can be a great way to interact with potential leads by directly answering the questions they have about your business.


You can increase sales leads by simply answering questions and providing value to your website visitors. According to this study, 44% of customers say that having a live person answer their questions during an online purchase was the most important feature of the website.


Use a website visitor tracking tool


The most powerful aspect of a website visitor tracking tool is the ability to better understand potential leads you would have never known about. For example, companies of a particular industry may constantly visit your website because your services fit their needs. Maybe your sales team already knew about this industry-specific opportunity, or maybe they didn’t.


Once the website visitor tracker has been implemented, you’ll begin to see the companies that are looking at your site. It’s a much more powerful sales tool than traditional analytics alone because it focuses on sales leads, not general web traffic. It essentially turns your website into a powerful sales prospecting tool that allows you to uncover early-stage B2B leads.

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Clickback WEB shows you the companies that are visiting your site and gives you the tools you need to reach out. Imagine getting a daily notification to your inbox each morning with a new list of warm leads? This way, your sales team can use their valuable time wisely, and only follow up with the leads that meet your ideal buyer persona.


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