How to Dramatically Increase Your B2B Lead Conversion Rate in One Step | Clickback

How to Dramatically Increase Your B2B Lead Conversion Rate in One Step | Clickback

Everyone wants more leads. That’s the whole point of marketing, after all. More leads means more sales, which means more revenue.


There are countless guides, articles, videos and posts out there that are meant to help marketers increase their lead conversion rate. They often amount to “perform constant A/B testing” – which is fantastic advice, and does work.


However, we’re going to show you something more concrete: a tool that will immediately give you more leads from your web pages.


How to Dramatically Increase Your B2B Lead Conversion Rate in One Step


This tool is called Clickback WEB. There are no silver bullets in marketing (or anywhere else), but this comes close.


All you have to do is install it.


The Lead Conversion Rate Almost-Silver-Bullet


Installing it is easy – just paste a small code snippet into the header or footer of your website. There’s even a WordPress plugin if you use that for your website.


You’re probably asking yourself, okay, but what does it do?


An average website’s lead conversion rate will be approximately 2%. For every visitor that converts, 49 leave without ever filling out a form.


No matter what your current conversion rate is, there’s a large pool of opportunities that are leaving without converting into leads.


Clickback WEB lets you tap into that pool. It identifies companies that have visited your site but didn’t convert. You get detailed information about those companies, and accurate contact data for key contacts and decision makers.


And that’s just the start.


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Refining Your Lead Generation

Right off the bat when you install Clickback WEB, you start generating leads from your website. You even get a daily list of new leads emailed to you every day. But there’s a whole lot more you can do with the tool.


If a particular company has visited your site and you consider them to be a high-priority prospect, Clickback WEB can notify you when they return to your site.


A particularly useful feature is the ability to score each visitor based on their behavior on your site. A visitor that lands on your home page, reads it and leaves might be a potential lead, but a visitor that reads your product pricing page is more likely to be interested in what you’re offering.


You can set it up so that when someone visits your product or pricing page, they get a certain number of “points” – let’s say 5.


The first visitor – the one who just hit your home page and bounced – would have a score of 0. The second visitor, on the other hand, would have gotten 5 points when they visited your product page, and another 5 when they visited your pricing page, putting their score at 10.


When you look at your list of visits in Clickback WEB, each entry displays its score, so you can see at a glance which companies have taken more important actions on your site – signaling that they’re a prospect that might be more worth pursuing.


It’s not just based on website behavior, though. You can also score visiting companies based on details like their industry or annual revenue.


The result? You can immediately see which companies match your ideal criteria and are more likely to be interested in your offering.



There may not be any silver bullets, but when it comes to lead generation, Clickback WEB comes close.


Especially because for most, if one lead identified by Clickback WEB becomes a customer, the software has already paid for itself.


Try it out for yourself with a 14-day free trial, complete with a 1-on-1 tour of the software with one of our experts, and full access to the customer success team.


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