Increase Sales Leads: Call Companies Who Visited Your Site

Increase Sales Leads: Call Companies Who Visited Your Site

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Everybody knows that finding a way to increase sales leads and funnel growth is one of the most important functions of marketing. But what’s not as obvious, is that many of those sales leads are right under your nose!

In fact, some of the best and most qualified sales leads may well be on your website right now. But unless you’ve got the software in place, there’s no way for you to discover their identities. With the right web tracking technology, you can learn who those companies are and increase sales leads by reaching out to pre-qualified prospects who have already reached out to you.


Find Out Who’s Been Window Shopping On Your Site

One of the best things about advanced web tracking software is that you can find out incredibly germane information about the people who have visited your website. It’s long been known that you can see how many people have visited, where they live, and where they come from with tools like Google Analytics.

However, with the right technology, you can learn about the exact companies who have visited your website. With this specific software designed to track this type of data, you’ll know who came to your site but did not convert.

A note about the buyer’s journey: One of the greatest advantages this software provides is giving you insights into the early stages of the buyer’s journey. When companies are still doing research during the awareness stage, you can increase sales leads by reaching out to them and equipping them with all the information they need to make an informed decision.


Get Pertinent Information You Can Use to Follow Up Immediately

The most sophisticated tracking technology, however, goes one step further, and will even provide you with contact information to follow up with unconverted leads. Every day, your sales team will be provided with the names of companies that visited your site and didn’t convert. What’s more, your team will also get the contact information for the key decision makers, making it easier than ever for you to find and engage qualified leads. Because the company already visited your site, you know there’s interest there, meaning it’s not a cold lead.


A Whole Host of Smart Features

On top of providing you with the names and contact information of the companies that visited your site, web tracking software can also let you see what pages they looked at and what click path they took. Moreover, you can even sign up for alerts that will notify you when they return. Other incredible features of this software include:

  • Identifying early-stage leads and fostering a healthy relationship from the beginning
  • You can filter companies based on a variety of factors, including IP address, industry, revenue, and more
  • You can exclude certain pages from the tracking and notification data
  • The software will score leads for you based on a number of criteria
  • Assigning leads to different team members
  • Duplicate lead protection
  • Integrating your efforts with an email system and managing communications

When you want to increase sales leads (which, let’s face it, is always), sometimes the best place to look is right in your own backyard. There are always companies stumbling across your website. And with Clickback’s software in place, you can find out who they are, keep an eye on their activity, and proactively contact them to help nurture the relationship early on.

Thanks to this sophisticated technology, no qualified lead will go unturned, and nobody that visits your site will be able to leave without giving you a second chance to convert.


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