How to Track Website Visitors and Turn Them into Warm Leads | Clickback

How to Track Website Visitors and Turn Them into Warm Leads | Clickback

Your website visitor traffic is up, but your lead generation numbers seem stagnant. The excitement of your organic traffic growth chart quickly fades as you realize that it’s not generating the number of new B2B leads you had hoped for. Does this scenario sound familiar?


Well, this is probably because 98% of your website traffic doesn’t fill out a contact form and convert! They visit your website to explore your solutions and then move onto another website to continue their research, it almost doesn’t seem fair does it!


By deploying a website visitor tracking tool on your site, you can begin to better understand your visitor behavior and generate warm leads. It’s a clever way to identify and isolate some of your warmest B2B leads that are exploring your business solutions.


Tracking website visitors


Better understand your audience by uncovering who they are


I think we can all agree that these visitors are highly targeted prospects as well, after all, they found your content on their own and were interested enough to consume it. You’ve managed to accomplish one of the hardest parts of B2B lead generation, which is attracting new visitors through organic traffic, but your efforts are not paying off in terms of landing qualified leads for your sales team.


That means no forms submitted, no emails sent, nothing. It’s almost painful to think about considering how much keyword research and SEO best practices are put into earning traffic to your site. Unfortunately, other than using CRO (conversion rate optimization) tactics, there is nothing more you can do to turn these visits into leads… or is there?


With a website visitor identification tool, you’ll have the ability to track website visitors and recover some of those lost, anonymous, potential leads. Our Clickback WEB software was designed to accelerate B2B lead generation by turning anonymous visitors into sales prospects.


A powerful tool for B2B lead generation


Don’t settle for “average” analytics and traditional marketing programs that provide the basics. When you track website visitors using Clickback WEB, you’re provided with the details about your visitors that sales and marketing teams need to nurture and close warm B2B leads. This includes everything from company names to the number of employees working there. Pretty powerful stuff, right?


Our software gives you the underlying information on your visitors such as IP addresses, enterprise company names, and much more. Clickback WEB uncovers the names of small businesses, mid-market and enterprise companies, and also identifies key decision makers within those companies. As a result, you will be able to contact legitimate leads directly and make a more personal connection.


Not only that, but the B2B leads that aren’t ready to be closed can be offered a chance to opt-in to your lead nurturing campaign. Marketing teams will gain a much better understanding of the type of content that engages users because they can now see which pages of the site a targeted prospect visits.


B2B lead generation tools


How it works


We’re quite proud of our software, and we’re constantly improving it to help B2B marketing and sales teams reach their goals. Clickback WEB is a lead generation tool that helps you properly identify leads by delivering you the most useful information possible.


It has the advanced functionality to score leads based on your personal criteria, and automatically distribute leads to your sales and marketing teams. Lead management is a critical step towards scaling your lead generation efforts, and Clickback WEB has developed several features to accomplish this.


When marketing and sales teams are able to understand more about their target customers in the early-buying stages, they can build better campaigns and make smarter decisions.


Key features of Clickback WEB:


software features


The daily digest


After setting up your desired filtering metrics, potential B2B leads are then sent directly to your inbox each morning via the daily digest. This is one of the many ways our software saves you time in your lead generation efforts. You’ll also have the ability to click on the email and immediately purchase noteworthy leads for distribution.


Scoring capabilities


We can show you how to track website visitors, but how you score them is entirely up to you. For example, a visitor’s glance at the FAQ might not be worth quite as much as repeated visits to an actual pricing or purchase page. How you score determines which leads are warm for marketing and which leads are hot for sales.


In general, product and pricing page engagement is a clear signal that your visitors are considering your solutions. It could even be a bottom-of-funnel blog post that qualifies a warm lead, the scoring value is completely up to you.


lead scoring


Simple lead distribution


Clickback WEB allows you to automatically distribute the leads you uncover to the appropriate parties. You have the ability to assign leads to specific sales and marketing representatives or use a round robin distribution system to assign leads to each sales rep evenly.


You can even create automations to ensure specific parties receive targeted leads. For example, trade show leads can be automatically assigned to a specific representative that specializes in those types of clients.


Lead filtering options


Let’s say that your competition is exploring your website on a regular basis. This traffic is less valuable from a lead generation standpoint, so we’ve made it easy to filter them out. Lead filtering helps clean up your data in a way that is most useful for your team.


Another handy option is the function to filter out leads you have already purchased. Just upload your lists of competitors and current customers, and the system will take those visitors out of the equation. This makes your dashboard view, reports, and daily digest as useful and specific to your business as possible.


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This article was originally published on June 8th, 2017, and updated on April 12, 2018

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