How to Use Automation to Create Personalized Emails

How to Use Automation to Create Personalized Emails

Personalization has become a must-have for any successful digital marketing campaign. And the don’t lie. A study done by Epsilon indicates that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experience. Another study shows that 99% of marketers say personalization helps advance consumer relationship, with 78% claiming it has a “ Strong “ or “ extremely strong “ impact(hubspot).

When it comes to generating leads via email, the ability to personalize items such as salutations, calls-to-action, and other elements is important and effective. Even more important is the ability to create personalized content and information you deliver to your audience based on their actions and interests. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the ability to automate these practices. By automating personalization, marketers, sales professional and recruiters can reach large numbers of potential leads with high-impact, personalized messaging, with minimal investment of time and resources.

Personalized Emails

The Psychology of Personalization

Marketing always has to answer the question: “What’s in it for me?” For an Email Lead Generation campaign, the “me” is your cold contact and what’s in it for them is that by dealing with your company, they can resolve a problem.

Too many marketers make the mistake of talking only about themselves. Your cold contacts don’t care that you’re selling something. What they do care about is their problems, and by speaking to them directly, and showing them how you can help solve their problems, you’ve taken the first step to becoming a trusted advisor in their eyes, and trust is the defining aspect of any relationship – business or otherwise.

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Personalized Emails

Personalization and Email Lead Generation

For an Email Lead Generation campaign, practitioners can use the software’s automation features to send personalized emails messages to thousands of contacts by inserting throughout the message the first and last names of their cold contacts, as well as the name of the contact’s company. For an Email Lead Generation campaign, personalizing with a person’s first or last name is most common within the salutation and the call-to-action.

In addition to the salutation and call-to-action, many Email Lead Generation practitioners will include the name of company in the body of the email when talking about how the company can specifically benefit. It’s important to not go overboard with personalization. A good rule to follow is to include a contact’s name no more than three times – salutation, body copy, call-to-action – and include a company’s name no more than twice – body copy and call-to-action.

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Interest and Segmentation Personalization

Email Lead Generation software features Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT), which tracks your contacts actions over multiple campaigns, providing you with a complete profile of your contact based on their interests and behaviors.

With this information you can segment your contacts and create targeted messaging to groups of contacts specific to their interests. In addition to personalized salutations and calls-to-actions, with this feature you can also provide information and create custom messaging that is relevant to specified segments of your overall contact list. By providing your contacts with information specific to their interests, you are demonstrating an awareness of their position and their needs, getting you on their radar as someone who could provide a solution.

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Personalized Emails

Sender Personalization

People don’t communicate with companies – they communicate with people. With Email Lead Generation software, users can customize the sender’s information. For example, if you have one dedicated person within your company managing an Email Lead Generation campaign, you can set the email sender information to show whichever sales rep you want the contact to respond to. This lets the email recipient know that there is a person they can reach out to in order to gain more information or explore a solution.

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Send Personalized Emails with ELG

In the modern marketing world, personalization and success go hand-in-hand. And doing it right is a matter of using the right software. Email Lead Generation software allows you to combine the effectiveness of personalization and the efficiency of automation to create high-impact, effective campaigns, all with minimal time and resource investment.

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