Reveal Hot Leads Using a B2B IP Tracker on Your Website | Clickback

Reveal Hot Leads Using a B2B IP Tracker on Your Website | Clickback

Implementing a B2B IP tracker on your website can help your sales team uncover more leads, and close more sales. Stop cold calling prospects that don’t fit your ideal B2B buyer persona, and are sitting in an unknown phase of the sales funnel. Instead, understand exactly what your prospect engages with, and effectively provide them with personalized, actionable information that persuades them to close.


An IP tracker tool can be used to collect insightful information about the businesses exploring your website. By revealing the business computer tied to a specific IP address, you can tap into a powerful source of potential B2B leads. In the following post, we’ll discuss how using an IP tracking tool like Clickback WEB can help your sales team generate targeted leads on a daily basis.


The Power of B2B IP tracking


You probably feel pretty confident about the role of your website in marketing your business and closing sales. But the truth is, only about 2 percent of your website traffic ever bothers to fill out a form. That’s right, 98 percent of potential leads are just passing through without ever bothering to inquire.


Consider deploying a dedicated B2B IP tracker on your website to help capture some of those lost opportunities. A website visitor identification software uses the IP address of your prospects to uncover the details that sales teams need to close more deals. In this post, we’ll show you why your business needs to start tracking B2B leads right away.


How to generate B2B leads


A dedicated B2B IP tracker software for lead generation


Many business owners think they already know how to track internet leads, by using Google Analytics. But web analytics tools like this only give you surface information, such as the visitor’s IP address. Website visitor tracking software, on the other hand, goes beyond the surface, providing insight into the customer’s identity and web behavior.


It provides busy sales teams with the features needed to automate their lead generation efforts, such as lead scoring and distribution. For example, Clickback WEB lets you set up alerts when a particular IP address associated with a company revisits your site. These alerts come in the form of a daily email to the sales team member of your choice, so they can keep their sales funnel consistently topped up.


What is IP tracking?


The visitors to your website come and go each day, and some of these visitors may be key business prospects. Traditional web traffic tools such as Google Analytics will show you how many users came to your site, and which pages are the most popular. IP tracking, on the other hand, ties user profile data to actual people and companies.


An IP address is a unique number that is assigned to a particular computer when using the internet. The journey of this IP address will have its own unique history and can be tracked. This is how the Clickback website visitor tracking tool is able to give you specific details of the companies and contacts that have been on your site.


Privacy laws protect individuals, so you don’t have to worry about someone being able to get your home address when you’re browsing the internet. Company computers, however, have a different set of rules in terms of privacy. The company name and details are public domain, you just need to find out how to accurately extract the data and present it in a useful way.


B2B IP tracker

The Clickback WEB Lead Generation Dashboard


It gives you valuable details about your website visitors such as the company name, annual revenue, number of employees and more. Discovering who your ideal customers and companies are is easy because the software tells you which pages of the site they visited. If a potential lead visits your pricing page time and time again, it’s likely a good time to reach out and close the deal.


Clickback WEB


A website visitor identification software like Clickback WEB is much more than a B2B IP tracker because it not only tracks IP addresses but reveals the distinctive traits of your potential leads. The discoveries found on Clickback WEB can also benefit marketing teams by telling them which online content is capturing the attention of valuable B2B leads.


Understand your prospects on a deeper level


The B2B buying cycle is long, meaning your prospects need to fully grasp exactly why your unique solutions can benefit their business. This takes time, and your potential leads will need to be effectively nurtured along the way. By revealing the type of content that engages your website visitors, you can follow up with a highly targeted approach to sales.


web analytics


Clickback WEB uses the visitors IP address to reveal the companies visiting your site, and it doesn’t stop there. The company location, annual revenue, and the number of employees paint a clear picture of the value of this lead. When the company is a perfect fit for your B2B product or service, you have the option to purchase the specific contact details needed to reach out at just the right time.


Understanding which pages your prospect visits further validates the value of the B2B lead. Separate the “tire-kickers” from the hot leads to focus your sales efforts on the key decision makers that are ready to buy now. Clickback WEB not only shows you the companies visiting your site, but how they found you and what they are interested in.


How visitor tracking software works


If you’re unfamiliar with tracking internet leads, website visitor tracking software requires a little more than adding code to your website or using a WordPress plugin.


Clickback WordPress Plugin

The Clickback WEB WordPress plugin


As potential leads pour in, unique data is collected for each visitor and fed into the software. Each day, you receive a daily digest of potential B2B leads, delivered directly to your inbox. With a simple click, you can purchase warm leads for sales or marketing distribution.


The software is quick to setup and starts showing you the potential B2B leads on your website right away. Key metrics and user data are prominently displayed on the Clickback WEB dashboard. This provides a useful overview of the visitor tracking that is taking place on your website.


The visits tab is a great way to view the key metrics of each identified visitor. Here you will find columns for:


  • Score
  • Company
  • Revenue
  • Visit Location
  • Page Views
  • Duration Visit Date
  • Potential Leads at the Company


You can filter out companies and leads you don’t consider relevant, such as your competition. Better yet, you have the ability to customize lead scoring based on your specific buyer criteria. This ensures that you always zero in on the hottest leads. The visit history and duration gives you powerful insights into the behavior of a hot prospect.


lead filtering

Guide early stage buyers through the sales funnel


Today’s B2B buyer does not rely on you to provide them with information about your business solutions. In fact, most buyers are 60 percent of the way through their decision-making process before they ever contact a vendor.


A website visitor tracking tool like Clickback WEB gives you the opportunity to intercept potential customers in the critical early stages of the buying cycle. This way, you can better guide them through your solutions before they move on to your competitors.


Each B2B IP address tells a story about the user, and a website tracking tool can help you uncover the most useful findings. It allows you to fine-tune buyer personas and lead scoring metrics based on behavioral data.


Use these insights to develop highly targeted marketing and sales content that nudges prospects gently through the sales funnel.


Clickback WEB


This post was originally shared on February 16, 2017, and updated on May 17, 2018.

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