How to Increase the Quality and Volume of Business Leads

How to Increase the Quality and Volume of Business Leads

Increasing the volume and quality of business leads is always a top priority, but it’s also a heck of a challenge. In fact, Technology Marketing reports 61 percent of B2B marketers consider generating high quality business leads to be their biggest challenge.

Inbound marketing methods take considerable time, and they don’t necessarily net you qualified business leads. Consider the following:

  • For every 100 visitors to your website, only 4 are ready to buy (Source: Marketo).
  • In general, only 27 percent of B2B leads are sales ready (Source: MarketingSherpa).

Most of us just don’t have time to wait for unqualified, inbound business leads to trickle in at a snail’s pace. I mean, after all, many businesses have aggressive growth targets they’re looking to achieve. We need a better way – a way that allows us to connect with prospects at varying stages of the buying cycle.

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Compelling Content for Every Stage of the Buying Cycle

There’s no faster way to generate business leads than Email Lead Generation. With the right marketing automation systems in place, you can easily provide valuable content to prospects at all stages of the buying cycle. Not only can you nurture inbound leads and existing customers, but you can also turn cold contacts into warm business leads.

The key is finding ways to segment your audience while delivering the best possible content at the best time to engage and convert. What’s the secret to do this? There’s actually no secrete at all. You just need to know your audience. Enough so that you can delivery on-point, engaging content to them.

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Buyer Personas

Before you can create compelling content, you must understand your buyer’s journey. The best way to do that is to create buyer personas – based on data-captured insights that reflect the needs, beliefs, and attitudes of your buyer segments. Who are these buyers? Where are they from? How does their age affect their decisions? What’s their business? What do they need from you? These are just a few examples of what you’ll need to consider. The more information you have available to analyze, the more precise and engaging you can be in your content.

Creating buyer personas helps you simplify content creation, segmentation and therefore makes building Email Lead Generation campaigns easy. If you can put yourself in their shoes, understand where they are in their journey and give them what they need at any given moment, you’ll soon have a new customer in hand instead of a prospective client.

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Qualified Business Leads

You’ll also need to differentiate between qualified marketing leads and qualified sales leads. This requires a sit-down with marketing and sales to discuss and agree upon shared definitions. It’s hard to generate quality business leads if no one is sure where the hand-off from marketing to sales should occur. Not only does it cause confusion for sales and marketing, but it can also result in mixed messages being sent to potential customers. Worse still, it could drive them away.

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Email Lead Generation Software

Once you know who you’re talking to and how to segment your database, you’re going to need a way to automate the process efficiently. Email Lead Generation software can help you turn cold contacts into warm leads using automated drip campaigns. These campaigns can be set up to send on a schedule or automated to send based on the behavior of your contacts. This allows you to identify the needs of the customer at a specific point in the buying cycle and provide just the right content for the situation.

Plus, Email Lead Generation software is set up to deal with cold contacts and purchased email lists. That means you can increase the volume of your database as quickly as you’d like, just by purchasing a targeted, vetted email list. There’s no faster way to expand your reach and turn cold contacts into warm business leads.

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