How to Identify Website Visitors to Instantly Uncover More B2B Leads

How to Identify Website Visitors to Instantly Uncover More B2B Leads

B2B leads are at the top of every entrepreneur’s sales and marketing wishlist. Unfortunately, these leads are often hard to come by. They’ve become somewhat of a “holy grail” for business owners and marketers alike.


However, there are new ways of getting a leg up on your competition, and it involves learning how to identify website visitors.


Next-Level Targeted Marketing


You’re no stranger to B2B marketing. You know the importance of accurate buyer personas, segmented email campaigns, and highly targeted content marketing. But when you don’t know how to identify website visitors, 98 percent of whom never make an inquiry, how can you really pinpoint your marketing message?


More importantly, how can you engage key decision-makers during the research phase, before they decide to contact a competitor? Needless to say, having a way to identify website visitors is imperative to your marketing team’s success.


A website visitor tracking tool can fast-track sales-ready leads before they fall into someone else’s sales funnel. It provides you with an opportunity to intervene in the early buying stages of your prospect’s journey.


Clickback WEB shows you the companies that are visiting your site, and the specific company contacts and personas your marketing and sales teams care about.


See who visits your website



Website Visitor Tracking Software


We know what you’re thinking: you already know how to identify website visitors using Google Analytics or similar software. The difference is that traditional analytics tools like this focus on the number of views and goals your website gets, not who the visitors are.


Website visitor tracking software is not your run-of-the-mill analytics program. For example, Clickback WEB lets you create advanced filters that can notify you when a target prospect visits your website for the first time. It can send daily notifications about how many times a company in your target industry visited the pricing page of your website.


The power of identifying website visitors lies in the ability to save time chasing leads, so your team can focus on sales. Whether you’re in marketing or sales, the insightful data Clickback WEB provides will be an eye-opening experience. You may discover new industries and persona types that align with the services you never thought of.


The Difference Between Tracking Traffic and Tracking Visitor IP’s


Analytics software was designed to help you improve website performance and SEO, it’s not a sales tool. It gives you the metrics to understand where your traffic is coming from and your top performing content. Whereas a visitor tracking tool uses the specific IP addresses of the companies to identify powerful lead opportunities.


It pinpoints the companies that have visited your website, along with data on company size and revenue. This includes the key decision-makers at that company your sales team is most interested in. The details that allow you to reach out and make a genuine connection.


Track B2B leads

The Clickback WEB dashboard shows you important metrics at a glance


Uncover Hidden Leads, Quickly


Gain insight into each visitor’s engagement with your website. Learn how they behave when they visit and which pages they read. From this data, you can gauge their position in the buying cycle and determine how to best help them on their sales journey. Whether that be entry-level nurturing through marketing or a quick call and conversion by your sales team.


In other words, Website visitor tracking software allows you to instantly uncover leads and distribute them to the appropriate sales and marketing channels. There’s no faster way to fill your sales pipeline with website visitors, increase your leads, and meet your goals for business growth.


It’s time you start uncovering leads that are clearly showing a genuine interest in your products or service.


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