How to Generate Leads Using Email Lead Generation and Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Everywhere you look in today’s culture, everyone is glued to their phones. Texting, calling, selfies, tweeting or emailing, the daunting 143 million smart phones used in the US are always on and always active (B2C). And that’s why marketers are integrating them into their lead generation strategies.

In fact, 81% of users who read emails on their mobile devices attribute to 71% of purchases. This result is part of a survey conducted by Sensible Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency.  This data proves that as a tactic, email still reigns supreme and that the biggest motivator for email is to drive awareness, leads, and engagement by going where your audience is – on mobile devices.

You can further connect with your target audience by combining Email Lead Generation software into the mobile marketing mix. This will allow you to expand your pool by having the ability to target your recipients who are actively using desktops as their primary device to read emails. Alternatively, you’ll also be able to capture market share of mobile users alike.

Email Lead Generation software, paired with your mobile marketing strategy, will allow you to secure newer leads for your company by turning cold purchased contacts into warm B2B leads. Here’s how:

Make a Statement

Emails on mobile devices have a small reading page, under the subject line, which provides users the option to quickly scan messages before opening them. This short snippet is another opportunity for you to make a statement, enticing the reader to open your message.  So, write content that truly engages honing in on your intro paragraph to drive open rates.

Compelling Subject Lines

Even more important than your body copy is your subject line, as 38% of users will open an email on their mobile device based on subject line alone. With attention spans shrinking, it’s critical to capture your readers’ attention, right from the start, with original content that truly engages.

Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign can be extremely helpful when trying to target specific audiences at the time buying decisions are being made. Recent studies have uncovered that 93% of C-Level executives own a smartphone that is used for business. And 74% of those executives are on their smartphones in the evening, conducting additional research for their business. With this insight in hand, you’ll be able to target and connect with these individuals by setting up strategic nurture campaigns, connecting with key decision makers at the right time.

Take it a step further and use an Email Lead Generation software for additional drip marketing benefits, such as triggered responses as well as personalized metrics that will track your audience’s behavioral patterns to ensure a fully optimized email campaign is being sent.

How Email Lead Generation Complements Mobile Marketing

Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software is here to help your company generate leads for your business. Our software gives you the tools needed to be successful with an easy-to-use option that helps you format your emails for your mobile marketing efforts. This ensures that your email campaigns will render correctly on whatever device your readers are opening their emails on. After sending, you can then use our software to track each email recipients’ behavioral patterns. Through analytics and testing, this insight will inform you on how effective you are in connecting with your target audience through mobile marketing. You can then modify, track and amend each email campaign to optimize open and click-through rates accordingly.

Our Email Lead Generation software is unique to Clickback. It puts you in front of cold contacts who know nothing about your product, turning them into warm, ready to nurture, leads. Having the ability to reach a larger pool of leads is a must. Because as mobile marketing evolves, so too should your marketing strategy.

To create a roadmap for success you have to stay in the know about emerging trends and use the right software. Doing so will guarantee you remain a step ahead of the competition. From there you can drive business results and ensure your brand’s message is on-mark to reach your targeted audience every single time. No matter which device they are using. Looking to generate leads from your mobile audience?

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