How to Drive Leads by Delivering Contextual Content with Email Lead Generation

Contextual Content

It’s nothing new that content marketing continues to expand, year over year, as a viable marketing technique. In fact it has become one of the leading marketing tactics used online, especially for email campaigns. But it’s no longer about just developing content. The context of your copy is what matters most. Because developing unoriginal copy won’t compel your prospective customers to read on, and this could cost you a sale. Contextual content that’s direct and unique can help position your B2B company as thought leaders, increase the visibility of your brand, and drive leads and sales for your business.

What is contextual content?

Contextual content marketing is about delivering valuable, relevant and personalized content that engages the reader, pulls them in and feeds their needs. The key word here is “valuable.” You want your copy to connect with your audience. You also want it to be sought out, consumed and shared on. It’s how savvy marketers are achieving their marketing objectives of increasing leads and driving profitable customer action. Because content – if done well, can be one of the most economical ways of achieving a company’s marketing goals.

And several recent surveys confirm that delivering contextual content to readers has a better return on investment. It’s why marketers now spend at least 40% of their budget creating content for their marketing campaigns (Flip Creator). However, the biggest challenge is finding the time and resources to produce truly engaging content. Creating enough of it on a consistent basis is also a barrier.

But, with the right tools (Email Lead Generation software) and contextual content tailored to your audiences’ needs, you can maximize your reach, drive brand awareness, leads, and engage with new contacts, via email campaigns, to compensate where other tactics often fall short.

Here’s how to drive leads by delivering contextual content with Email Lead Generation.

Content + Strategy = Good Lead Generation

When creating content to generate leads it has to follow a strict plan to ensure it is the very best content you can offer your potential leads to reel them in, and leave them wanting more. Having a detailed strategy in place that incorporates creating relevant and timely content is important to ensure you’re on target every time. You can have the most personalized and focused content out there but unless there is a solid strategy and plan behind it, you’ll never see results.

In a recent study from FlipCreator they reported that “the most effective B2B content are ones that have a strategy.” Here at Clickback we have a content strategy in place to ensure we are maximizing the reach and deliverability of our email lead gen campaigns. And our Email Lead Generation software supports our email campaigns by supplying us with up to date contextual content through our Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT) feature, which tracks the actions of our contacts’ over multiple email campaigns, giving insight of their interests and behaviors.

These reports can then be used as contextual content in any email campaign we send out to enhance the reader’s experience. And because we segment our groups into targeted audiences, we can further personalize each campaign to drive engagement, open rates and ideally leads for your business.

Find out how Email Lead Generation paired with contextual content strategy can generate high quality leads with our many content creation features.

Email Lead Generation + Contextual Content = GREAT Lead Generation

Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software can be your most important tool to help you get your message across quicker and to a larger pool of potential leads. Our software is specifically used to help B2B companies generate leads by allowing them to send emails to their purchased or non permission-based lists. Along with our EMIT technology, Email Lead Generation software has a multitude of great features including Message Personalization, A/B multivariable testing and the option of list segmentation. These tools are available to ensure you’re not only sending highly personalized messages, but contextual content that better engages and connects with your recipients on your purchased list.

By using our EMIT technology to track customers’ interest, you’ll be able to understand what appeals to them most and use that knowledge to engage on a more conversational level. Having this intimate knowledge of how your audience interacts with your emails, allows you to tailor messages with personalized and memorable content instead of just another sales pitch.

With our Message Personalization tokens you’ll be able to personalize messages to fit a specific audience or group. Specific elements such as subject lines and body content are able to be personalized with key information like their name, or company name. Being able to personalize these elements, paired with the information from EMIT’s reports will increase engagement and maximize your lead generation success for better conversions and open rates.

Our A/B multivariable testing also allows our clients to test an infinite number of variables such as the type of content included in the email, subject lines and images. Pair that with the ability to segment your audiences into lists based on their interests, actions, demographics and other elements and you’ll have the most personalized and contextually relevant content available to begin generating leads.

With Email Lead Generation’s content creation features you’ll be able to engage with your audience quicker and more effectively resulting in a higher deliverability rate. And with superior deliverability, you’ll not only reach the inbox but make stronger connections which translate into leads and sales.

Content has always been king when it comes to lead generation. You have to be noticeable, unique, memorable, and personable and above all relevant to your audience. Having contextual content is a difficult feat, but it doesn’t need to be with Email Lead Generation.

Need to deliver contextual content for lead generation? We can help.

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