How to Convert Website Visitors (The Ones You Missed) | Clickback

How to Convert Website Visitors (The Ones You Missed) | Clickback

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a hot topic among marketers because it’s the difference between a new customer and a missed opportunity. If you don’t know how to convert your website visitors, even a slam-dunk content marketing strategy can’t bail you out.


The traditional methods of generating leads from your website rely on the user taking action. With a strong call-to-action, your website traffic will be enticed to click through to your form or enter their email address for a follow-up. The problem is, the majority of the traffic that comes to your site will not convert, leaving room to maximize the ROI of your site.


In the following post, we’ll describe a new way to convert website visitors (that you’ve probably never heard of). Website visitor tracking (and identification) can offset the leads that have slipped through the cracks to supply your sales team with a healthy dose of warm prospects.


Convert the Website Visitors You Missed


No matter what your product or service is, an online presence is everything for business owners in the B2B space today. That’s why you took such great care in designing a website with valuable content that is not only useful, but ranks well in the search engines.


A website with a strong organic search presence can become the ultimate lead generation machine.


Unfortunately, despite the highly-actionable and engaging content you’ve created, something still isn’t working. The SEO strategies you have put into place are paying off with an impressive amount of organic traffic, but you still haven’t figured out how to convert website visitors. (Or not enough of them!)


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98 percent of your website visitors don’t contact you


Statistics show that 98 percent of your web visitors are passing through without ever filling out a form. Many of these visitors are primed and sales-ready, but you have not piqued their interest enough to sway them in your direction.


Talk about an opportunity to maximize the ROI of your website!  Even if you managed to tap into 10% of these lost leads, your website conversion rate would improve dramatically. Modern B2B lead generation tactics must go beyond traditional methods of capturing warm contacts, which is why we’ll bring up the following question:


What if there was a way to convert the missed website visitors that didn’t fill out a form?


Generate More Leads from Your Website


Website visitor tracking software can uncover missed leads


A website visitor tracking software like Clickback WEB uncovers lost opportunities by showing you WHO has been on your site. And we don’t just mean IP addresses and vague analytics.


Clickback WEB reads the IP addresses of the visitors to show you the actual names of the companies that are on your site. It shows you which pages they’ve been on, and for how long. Naturally, if this data wasn’t accurate, it would be of little use to sales and marketing, which is why we are proud to say that Clickback WEB offers some of the most comprehensive and accurate visitor data on the market.


The dashboard lets you quickly get a feel for the companies that are on your website, browsing your business solutions. This tells a story of where the website visitors are at in the buyer journey, so you can leverage the information in an effective way.  For example, a visitor from a key company who has spent a considerable amount of time on your pricing page likely has some questions for your sales team – so you should follow up immediately!


Tracking website visitor data lets you intervene at every stage of the buying cycle – before prospects investigate your competitors.


Identify who your website visitors are with Clickback WEB


Uncover useful details about your traffic such as company size, industry, and revenue. The most recent companies and top 5 returning companies are conveniently displayed as soon as you log in to Clickback WEB. If you’d like to know how many companies are on your site, get a free 14-day trial of the software (no obligation).


Companies Identified


Revealing the common trends of your website traffic in the industry, annual revenue and location categories can be an eye-opening experience. Use these metrics to better align your marketing efforts across all channels. Create useful filters within the software to quickly build a list of the visitors you have identified to be your top priority.


When it comes to building out a target buyer persona using real data, it’s hard to beat the transparency and effectiveness of Clickback WEB. The type of customers looking at your business solutions will quickly reveal themselves on the dashboard of the user interface.


You’ll also be able to gauge their position in the buying cycle based on how they interact with your website. In other words, you’ll get to know your target customers on a more personal basis. Make data-driven decisions that accelerate lead growth, increase conversions and maximize your website ROI by tracking your website visitors.

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Convert more website visitors, improve your sites ROI


Clickback WEB helps you identify the key decision-makers within the companies you see visiting your site, so you can actually reach out and make meaningful contact. No more sending to generic, catch-all company email addresses that rarely produce a response. Take a more personalized approach to sales by better understanding the needs of your cold contacts.


The process of adding the Clickback WEB visitor tracking software to your site is simple: All you have to do is add a few lines of code to the header (or use our simple WordPress plugin). The software will begin tracking user IP addresses and reveal useful information right away.


Automations and Lead Scoring


You have complete control over the potential leads you uncover each day. Use the automation features of our software to help you filter out the visitor information you don’t value, from the important ones (such as competitors or existing customers).


Lead scoring lets you assign a value to the types of companies you monitor, so your time is used effectively. Set up an automation that delivers an email full of high-value prospects and their activity to your inbox each morning. This way, only the leads you want are right there in front of you.


You can purchase the full contact records of the leads you identify directly within the software. For a free 14-day trial of Clickback WEB, fill out this form and we’ll get you set up promptly.


Accelerated Lead Growth


Accelerate your lead growth today

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