How to Build a Stellar List of Emails

How to Build a Stellar List of Emails

Did you know that every dollar spent on email marketing yields an average ROI of $44.25? If you want a piece of that action, you’re going to need a stellar list of emails to drive your marketing efforts.

But what’s the best way to build a list of emails?

 List of Emails

Be Proactive

Everyone knows that a healthy database is the key to a healthy email marketing campaign. According to Experian, 99 percent of global marketers agree that data is essential to their success. But not everyone agrees on how to best build their database.

Some would argue that inbound marketing is the way to go. Basically, this group likes to play the waiting game, using a passive approach to trickle in new leads. While this method can generate qualified leads, it takes time and patience that most companies just can’t afford.

Instead of waiting on your target audience to come to you, consider taking a more proactive approach—purchase a list of emails and put yourself in front of prospective customers immediately.

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 List of Emails

Gain Immediate Access to Unlimited Potential Leads

If you want to generate quality leads and increase revenue, you need a constant flow of quality data. By purchasing a list of contacts from a reputable third-party data provider, you’re opening up the door to a never-ending supply of potential leads. Better still, these potential leads have already been vetted by the provider, so you know coming in that they’re targeted and specific to your industry.

While a homegrown list may feel more targeted—let’s face it, you built it yourself—it’s the equivalent of a room full of familiar faces, who aren’t necessarily your prime audience. But a purchased list of emails allows you to connect with a larger audience, often with individuals who aren’t yet aware of your brand or offering. This provides the opportunity to quickly fill the pipeline with new, sales-ready leads and enjoy a quicker ROI.

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 List of Emails

Turn Cold Contacts Into Warm Leads

Buying email lists can be a great way to create an upsurge in qualified leads. The trick is to understand your market before you make a purchase so that you can communicate your specific needs to the list provider and receive the highest quality data. Then you can leverage this targeted data in your email campaigns.

Of course, no email list is 100 percent accurate. You’ll need to validate the list and remove any outdated data and suspected spam traps to ensure optimal deliverability and reduce bounce rates. Also, ensure that your list is free from role accounts. These are emails addresses such as or Sending campaigns to generic emails such as these often lead to low engagement, or complaints which can ultimately tarnish the reputation on your sending variables and land you in the junk or spam folder.

To optimize your list before send, ensure it goes through a hygiene and list verification tool. This can be done using email lead generation software, as Clickback has a hygiene checker built in. It’ll clean most lists on import.

Once the data is clean, you can work on segmenting and developing a more targeted, on-point message for potential leads. Remember, the goal here isn’t to make a quick sale to a flighty impulse shopper. You’re looking to lay the foundation for a more sophisticated sales cycle, to separate potential leads from the real thing, and build quality relationships.

Once you’ve pushed a potential lead into the sales funnel, our email lead generation software can push that email recipient out to your marketing automation of email service provider so that the nurturing can begin. Before you know it, the potential leads from your purchased list of emails are circling the funnel, growing your business, and becoming loyal brand advocates.

Ninety-one percent of consumers report checking their email at least once a day. Don’t you want to be waiting in their inbox? With a purchased list of emails, you can be.

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