Four Misconceptions About Buying Email Lists – How This Misunderstood Practice Can Be the Best Asset for Growing Your Business

Four Misconceptions About Buying Email Lists – How This Misunderstood Practice Can Be the Best Asset for Growing Your Business


There is a common misunderstanding in the digital marketing community: buying email lists is a bad idea. Marketing automation companies and email service providers promote this idea primarily because their software is not optimized to allow the sending of emails to purchased lists. The motto among these companies seems to be: we can’t do it; therefore, it can’t be done.


Don’t get us wrong. Incorrectly sending emails to a purchased list can cause issues for your company, but doing it right can be an extremely lucrative and effective way to generate new leads and growth for your business. So, to bring some balance to the argument, here are four misconceptions about buying email lists, and information about how to do it right.

1. Buying Email Lists is Illegal


Really? If that’s true, then why are there more than 200 companies in North America alone that sell email lists? To set the record straight: buying email lists is not illegal, nor is it illegal to email the contacts on that list. The confusion seems to come from the fact that there are laws governing the emailing of purchased contacts.


The CAN-SPAM (USA) and CASL (Canada) legislations set out regulations for the sending of commercial emails to contacts that have not opted in. These pieces of legislation do not outlaw or ban buying email lists, nor the sending of emails to purchased contacts. Telemarketing has similar requirements and restrictions in place, but no one mistakes the fact that it is a legal and much-used marketing tactic.


2. Purchased Email Lists Are “Dead” Lists


Any company that wants to remain in business needs to provide quality products and/or services to their clientele. List and data providers are no different. Their clients are looking for quality contacts that can become leads for their business, and providing a useless list of emails to their clients would be a poor strategy for ensuring customer loyalty.


That said, there is no such thing as a perfect list. Employee turnover alone can cause certain email addresses to become null the day after the list is purchased. However, numerous services exist that remove bad email addresses by verifying the contacts on a purchased list.


3. Your Emails Won’t Reach the Inbox


If you used a hammer to saw a piece of wood, what sort of results would you expect? Getting the results you want comes down to using the right tool for the job. Sending emails to a purchased list through software not designed for that purpose will almost always result in poor delivery, opens and clicks.


Using the right tool after buying email lists– in this case, Email Lead Generation can help you achieve impressive open rates from a cold email campaign.


4. No Services Exist for Sending Emails to Purchased Lists


In 2011, Clickback Inc. developed software and infrastructure to allow companies to send emails to purchased lists. Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software provides an end-to-end service that helps companies safely and effectively generate leads from their purchased lists.


Using Email Lead Generation is one of the fastest ways for sales, marketing and recruiting professionals to increase the velocity of leads to their funnels.


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