Follow These 5 Rules when Emailing to a Purchased List

Follow These 5 Rules when Emailing to a Purchased List

Getting your emails delivered to the inbox is becoming a difficult feat if you’re not using the right software. As marketers, we need to know the fundamentals of how emails are being received since the number one reason email deliverability plummets is because of a sender’s reputation. Protect yours by following these 5 cardinal rules to ensure your email reaches the inbox, every time.


Don’t Become Blacklisted


Becoming blacklisted is one of the main reasons why deliverability deteriorates. This happens when your purchased list have bad data including honeypots, spam traps or moles. This negatively impacts the deliverability of your email campaigns. When you have ‘dirty data’ on your list, ISP’s and major email providers are alerted and report the sender to blacklist reporting services.


This now reduces the sending reputation of your IP’s and domains and you’ll no longer have the ability to connect with potential customers on your purchased list. Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software prevents this from taking place. With our services, we remove all the bad data and verify every email address that is imported into our software to ensure they are optimal for sending.


This maximizes your chances of reaching the inbox when you send an email campaign and avoids do any additional damage to your sender reputation.


Protect your Online Reputation


Using an Email Lead Generation software is crucial when sending emails to a cold, purchased list. It has over 300 deliverability variables that continuously monitor sending reputation for superior deliverability and open rates when sending an email to a list of non-permission-based contacts.


This built-in artificial intelligence provides real-time decision making prior to and during the sending process lowering bounce rates and maximizing your chances of getting your emails delivered. With such protection in place, you can feel confident in knowing that we assume all these risks so your online reputation is never put in jeopardy.


Don’t Ruin your Corporate Domain


An Email Lead Generation software uses its own domains and IPs for sending effectively, monitoring any blacklisting that could occur. This translates to you never having to worry about your corporate domain or IP getting blacklisted because they’re never used. In contrast, Email Service Providers do use their own IPs when you send email campaigns from their software.


However, if those IP’s become ruined from a client sending to non-permission-based emails, it now impacts the sending of their clients, which is not smart business. This is why they often prohibit this type of sending from taking place in their software. Luckily there is a solution. Email Lead Generation software is designed with sophistication allowing clients to send emails to their purchased lists. What you get: better lead generation.


Avoid Becoming Banned, Blocked or Suspended


Marketing Automation and Email Service Providers are there to help you nurture and close opted-in leads. They don’t use purchased or non-permission-based lists because their software is not designed for this type of sending. So, for Email Service Providers’ clients that attempt to send to a purchased or non-permission-based list they will be reprimanded by having their purchased lists quarantined. Or, in severe situations, Email Service Providers could ban or suspend an account as it’s a violation of their terms of use policy.


This can impact your relationship with the sales professional overseeing your account.  Email Lead Generation software was designed for those looking to increase their lead generation by sending emails to their list of cold, purchased contacts. And, with its API integration into third-party marketing software, such as Marketing Automation platforms and Email Service Providers, any newly opted-in leads will automatically integrate into your email sending software to be nurtured and closed.


Don’t Violate CAN-SPAM or CASL Laws with your Purchased List


Compliance to CAN-SPAM and CASL laws is critical. And if you’re sending an email to a purchased list of cold contacts using a free account such as Gmail or Yahoo then you’re likely in violation of these legislation’s. As mentioned above, sending large volume emails to your cold, purchased list can alert ISP’s and email providers of improper email sending.


You’re not only non-compliant to CAN-SPAM and CASL laws, but you could be fined. Don’t take the risk. Email Lead Generation software is 100% CAN-SPAM and CASL compliant so you don’t have to wonder if you’re obeying the law with the software you’re using.


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With Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software sending emails to your cold, purchased list to generate leads has never been safer or easier. We protect your online reputation ensuring your corporate IP’s and domains are never put at risk. This method of sending is not only safe, and gives you peace of mind, but maximizes your deliverability with every email campaign you send.


We take all the necessary measures to remain 100% CAN-SPAM and CASL compliant, making us the best solution for your needs. Use our software today to confidently drive revenue and growth for your business by generating new B2B leads.


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