How Savvy Marketers Consistently Fill Their Marketing Funnel by Reeling In New B2B Sales Leads

How Savvy Marketers Consistently Fill Their Marketing Funnel by Reeling In New B2B Sales Leads

Here’s the $64 question: What are you doing to fill your marketing funnel?

If you’re savvy, you probably answered “everything.”

But — truth be told — most marketers aren’t as savvy as they’d like to think. Many become complacent. They get so comfortable with their marketing strategy that they fail to notice when it stops working.

Sound familiar?

Others have a nasty habit of getting in their own way. Instead of opening all possible channels in an effort to keep the marketing funnel full , they self-impose unnecessary limitations. For example, many otherwise-savvy marketers vehemently refuse to tap into the boundless potential of purchased email lists.

Talk about making things hard on yourself…


The Easiest Way to Fill the Marketing Funnel

A purchased email list can be a godsend for the struggling marketer. When sales is in a panic and the marketing funnel is bone dry, it’s nice to know you have options. Purchasing an email list will not only fill the marketing funnel immediately, but it can also expand your reach and open the door for new sales opportunities.

Better still, once you’ve opened your mind to the world of purchased emails,  you have an unlimited supply of prospects for your marketing funnel. Any time your lead generation efforts need a boost, you can purchase a new, professionally vetted email list.

But not just any software will work with purchased email lists, you need…


Email Lead Generation Software

Traditional marketing automation and email service providers will often refuse to work with cold and purchased contact lists. It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with the contacts, it’s just that the providers’ software isn’t equipped to clean the data.

When you send to a “dirty” contact list, you run the risk of falling into spam traps and damaging your sender reputation. For the traditional ESP, who shares their IP addresses across multiple clients, this can be really bad news.

As they say, one bad apple can spoil the bunch. But why should you suffer for their inadequacies?

Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software can clean your data upon import and ensure that your campaigns are deliverable and CAN-SPAM compliant. It integrates with existing marketing software to create an end-to-end chain, allowing you to turn cold contacts into warm, permission based leads and accelerate their journey through the marketing funnel.
ROI of Email Lead Gen

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