5 Examples Of B2B Email Marketing (That You Can Copy) | Clickback

5 Examples Of B2B Email Marketing (That You Can Copy) | Clickback


This is a guest blog post by Kayleigh Alexandra of Microstartups.


Email marketing matters for every business, regardless of whether it’s B2B or B2C. And as a B2B business, your email marketing is vital for nurturing customer relationships, generating new leads, and growing your business further.


But getting your email marketing right can be tricky — so why not take the easy route and copy others? Read on for four examples of B2B email marketing that you can copy today.


Flywheel: value exchange that’s mutually beneficial

WordPress hosting site Flywheel knows the value of audience insight, and how useful customer surveys are for sourcing honest opinion to help it improve its service.


But Flywheel also knows how reluctant people are to actually take the time to complete surveys. While it’s hard enough getting B2C customers to do a survey, getting busy B2B businesses to do the same can be downright impossible.


So Flywheel decided to entice participation with a freebie:


Email Example 1

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As well as the chance of winning a free tee, Flywheel also uses sincere, personal copy to address the reader. Flywheel positions itself as wanting to improve, not just for its own KPIs, but to better help its customers too. It appeals to the reader not as a business, but as a person, elevating the transaction into a genuine conversation.


It’s engaging, authentic and, combined with the offer of a prize, a hard-hitting B2B email that will make the reader sit up and take notice.



How to copy it

The reason Flywheel’s email works is because it adopts a B2C approach in a B2B industry. Offering freebies to customers shouldn’t be restricted to commercial brands — it’s a valid tactic that sweetens the business-customer relationship.


Address your reader as a real person, not a faceless business. Rather than putting them off with tepid sales copy, this creates a personal relationship that automatically engages your customer with your marketing message.


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CJ Affiliate: deliver value to help your customers

A strong B2B relationship relies on reminding your customer of your value as a business. Your customers aren’t just one-off transactions — they should be loyal, repeat customers that return to you time and again, and not just for your product.


Check out the example from online advertising company, CJ Affiliate:


Email Example 2


Image Really Good Emails


On the face of it, it just looks like another annual report. But for CJ Affiliate, it’s a proud example of the value it delivers to its customers. It’s 100% original research, broken down into distinct sections with the promise of actionable takeaways.


This email does more than delivering useful insight that CJ Affiliate’s customers can take away and use. It also highlights CJ Affiliate’s position of authority and knowledge, showing customers that the brand does more than offer a simple service — it is a resource that customers can use time and again to grow their business.


How to copy it

B2B email marketing isn’t just sales-driven — it’s about delivering value to your customers that benefits them and enhances your brand. Original research like CJ Affiliate’s is a good route, but other options are open to you too.


Regularly share news and think pieces related to your industry. Go beyond this and offer your own opinions, along with how-to guides and advice that your customers can actually use. You don’t even need to link it back to your own product — you are an authority in your niche, so share that expertise with your audience and show them that you know your stuff.


Shopify: nurture relationships for loyal customers

Ecommerce store creator Shopify prides itself on its intuitive interface, affordable pricing plans, and slick usability — anyone can get started building their own store using Shopify.


Part of its allure lies in Shopify’s relationship with its partners. As an ecommerce platform, it relies on a huge network of talented third-party designers and developers to contribute towards its app and theme marketplace. Those relationships are valuable two-way connections that benefit both its partners, and Shopify too — and they appreciate it.


Check out the example below to see this in action:


Email Example 3


Image Really Good Emails


Inviting a design and development team that built a store for someone else to join its Partner Program, Shopify clearly lists the benefits available to subscribers. Bold H2s are followed by tight, concise copy that conveys its value in easy-to-understand terms. This combines with a bold call-to-action (in branded Shopify colors, incidentally) to create a strong B2B email.


Shopify started out as a B2C platform but has since scaled and grown to successfully include B2B ecommerce and more niche enterprise solutions. The Partner Program has been a gig enabler, allowing people to extend the functionality of their online stores. Shopify nurtures these mutually-beneficial connections through email and content, strengthening relationships with its partners in clear, accessible terms.


How to copy it

In B2B industries, it’s vital that you nurture the relationships with your customers on a deep, personal level. B2C is commercially transactional, but B2B customers rely on you for their own business development. As such, a relationship that makes them feel valued will turn them into loyal customers.


Use your email marketing to nurture your customer relationships, going beyond simple sales generation and providing value, without an obvious benefit to you. Careful attention sustained over a period of time shows your customer they are valued and builds fruitful relationships that last.


Zillow: personalize and praise your customers

Your customers receive hundreds of emails every day. Trawling through their inbox, they only want to see the emails that matter to them — if they find a generic message that doesn’t immediately relate to them, they’ll simply delete it and move on.


With that in mind, look at this email from digital real estate database brand Zillow:


Email Example 4


Image Really Good Emails


This is no generic, catch-all email — this is tailored to a specific customer with a personalized message related to an action they completed. It praises the customer for their recent achievement, applauding them for their on-point business growth and strengthening the business-consumer relationship as a result.


Zillow tops it all off by providing a click-through to a resource page designed to help the customer get even more reviews. This is some savvy marketing — it commends the customer on their achievement, then builds on it by offering more of the same growth. Very slick.


How to copy it

If you want your emails to get read, they have to matter to the recipient. Personalize your email marketing with custom fields, and highlight your customers’ success to further tailor them to your audience.


Create automated email workflows with certain actions serving as triggers. This will vary depending on your business and the product or service you provide, but using growth milestones as triggers (like Zillow did above) is a good idea. Spotlight your customers’ success, and then build on that by helping them achieve more of the same.


Clickback: Identify pain points and provide a solution

Clickback is a software company that provides B2B lead generation tools. They’re specialists in cold email marketing, and practice what they preach. They even use their own platform, Clickback MAIL, to send their email campaigns.


Writing a cold email requires a different approach than writing a warm one. It’s got to hit the inbox successfully as well as engage the reader. Sending mass email means you can’t tailor the email to each individual recipient, but it still needs to resonate with them.


Check out this example – it’s a cold email about their Clickback WEB product that was extremely successful.


Email Example 5 Cb


The personalization aspect is there, with first name and company name tokens. Right away, there’s a personal introduction that adds a “1-on-1 conversation” feel. They point out a challenge that the reader has and explain why the tools the reader currently has won’t be enough to address that challenge.


Then they introduce their solution to the problem using concise bullet points to rapidly identify exactly what benefits the reader would get from using it, and immediately provide them with a way of testing it for themselves.


It’s a simple, punchy email that gets the point across.


How to copy it

If you hit the nail on the head with a problem the recipient is facing, they’ll be more interested in what you have to say. Especially if you offer them a way to solve that problem, with a quick rundown of the benefits they’ll get out of your solution. Remember to make your emails about them, their problems and how they can be solved.


Even with the rise of social and the popularity of PPC, email marketing still plays an important role in growing your B2B business today. Learn from the best and follow the tips above to create stellar B2B email marketing that your customers will love in 2019.


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