The Anatomy of Email Marketing Campaigns: Starts with Strategy | Clickback

The Anatomy of Email Marketing Campaigns: Starts with Strategy | Clickback

In the anatomy of email marketing campaigns, strategy is  without question the “brain”.  when you plan your email marketing campaigns strategy, you ultimately draw  from what you know to ensure a straighter (more informed) path to success. The plan starts with knowing the 2 most important factors: WHY do you email and WHO do you email. Knowing these two “W”s will help you plan your overall email marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips on how to determine those highly critical “W”s  and use the information to achieve your email marketing goals.

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Why are you emailing anybody at all?

Let’s begin with the why. Why? Because this question when answered will determine who you will target, and the types of email you will send.

There are a few common reasons no matter your industry or target audience. Here are some examples of whys:

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  • Staying top of mind so that you’re the first choice when customers are ready to buy.

Email will enable you with the ability to keep your customers informed and in touch with you. It is important that they understand the offers and deals that your product or service provides now.

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  • Generating more engagement with content.

For a very long-time mails have been the main for m on communication and marketing as well. And people more tend to reply to email rather than phone calls. In fact More than 306 billion emails are sent and received each day.

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  • Allows for targeted messaging

If we have a good email list, we can send  targeted messages that are specific to  those audiences. This  can increase email engagement.

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  • Increase Brand Awareness

Through proper email marketing campaigns you can create a brand awareness that will help you create  trust between the consumer and the brand and as a result increase sales.

Your why might be one or a combination of these, but only when you are clear about why you want to start email marketing will you be able to develop an effective strategy.

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Who are you targeting in your email marketing plan?

The key word is “targeting” because you cannot create a plan built for everyone. Even with 2.93 billion users on Facebook, the largest social network on the planet only has 26% total market share. There are people Facebook simply cannot target, whether it is because of location, regulations or even demographic makeup (the ages 0–5-year-old category is likely never to be a priority). The tighter you focus your emails on specific customer personas or demographics, the better your engagement metrics will be.

You probably know a lot about your ideal customer through the demographics, buying behaviors, or engagement trends revealed by current customers. You can create a persona by answering these questions about your ideal customer (or the group you are targeting):

  •         What is their role within an organization?
  •         What kind of an organization do they work for (what is the industry or category)?
  •         What influences their decisions (other people, publications, social media, price, etc.)?
  •         What’s the split of male vs. female and/or age group?
  •         What is the buying behavior (long vs. short buying cycles)?
  •         What problem or need do they look to you (or your competitors) to solve or fill?

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Get your brain trust of key people in the room to answer these questions together. If there are some gaps in your information, a great way of confirming your assumptions is to send an email to loyal customers asking for their opinion. A simple survey or a request for a short phone call to better understand their needs will go a long way in establishing a stronger relationship with top customers, at the same time getting to know your base audience.

The more you understand who you are writing to, the better you’ll be able to connect to current audiences and new ones as your list grows.

The WHY and the WHO are the lynchpin pieces of intel that your “brain” or strategy will use to execute with purpose and clear goals. As you continue building out the components of your next email campaign Clickback’s email marketing lead generation software are designed to help you execute to plan. But the body does what the brain tells it to – everything starts with strategy.

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