Email Lists: It’s All About the Quality

Email Lists: It’s All About the Quality

Remember when you were a kid? Of course you do.

But, do you remember the ridiculous lies your parents told you? Like, “Drinking coffee will make you short.” “If you go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold.” “Eating chocolate causes acne.” (Okay, maybe there’s some truth to this one). Similar to parenting, there is a lot of misguided information out there about purchasing email lists. Is it good, is it bad?

The short answer: it can be both.

What it comes down to is the quality of the list you buy and the email sending software you choose to use.

Here are 3 ways to acquire bona fide email lists:

1. Ask for References

With any new business partnership, there’s always hesitation. An indecision based on lack of trust. If you’re uncertain about the data provider’s capabilities: ask for references. See how satisfied their customers are before purchasing email lists from them. If they’re willing to provide you with 2-3 clients you can call and talk with then that shows transparency. Good faith. And they are likely a reputable service. If they push-back, find another seller.

2. Money-Back Guarantee

When marketers spend their budget dollars, they almost always want assurance. The peace of mind that the transaction they’re about to make has minimal risk. Some data providers will try to replace undeliverable contacts on your email list with free records. The fact is – this may not be a solid solution. More records do not necessarily mean they’re better. Instead, work with a data provider that offers a full ‘money-back guarantee.’ You’ll likely receive higher quality email lists from them, because if they are willing to refund your money, they stand by the quality of their email list.

3. Get a Sample

Once you’ve determined the exact audience you want to reach, source out a few data providers. Then ask them for sample email lists that include phone numbers. Start calling each individual on the list to verify that the email recipient does work for the company listed. After a few phone calls you’ll be able to identify whether the contacts on that list are accurate. If you find that majority of the individuals on the list doesn’t work for the company provided, then avoid buying any email lists from them.

Remember, No Email List is 100% Accurate

Do great-quality email lists ensure success? Absolutely. But not all lists are completely accurate. So, what’s the threshold for accuracy? If they are below 50%, toss them in the garbage. If they are close to 80% in accuracy, it’s a keeper.

Having a solid email list is the first part of the equation. The other half is finding an email-sender that will let you send emails using their software. Marketing automation platforms and email service providers won’t: they’ll block or ban you every time you send to purchased and cold email lists. But – take note: it’s not because they’re solution is better than others. It’s because their software isn’t designed for it.

Alternatively, Clickback’ Email Lead Generation (ELG) software is the only answer. With ELG, you’ll send to every lead opportunity on every acquired email list: in full CAN SPAM compliance and without penalty. And it’s part of your B2B marketing ecosystem as well. When a lead turns warm, ELG automatically sends it to your primary marketing platform for ongoing nurture marketing and sales actions.

If you’d like to learn how our ELG solution can help you turn cold contacts into warm leads, sign up for a short software demo.

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