Why You Need an Email List Cleaning Service

Why You Need an Email List Cleaning Service

We all know that email marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach a B2B audience to promote and sell your business, but the destiny of your online efforts relies heavily on the quality of your email list.

When someone says you need an email list cleaning service, what do they mean? Why would you need to “clean” an email list? Well, email data can be dirty and it happens more than you might think.

List cleaning is imperative to maintain a healthy sender reputation in the eyes of your internet service provider. Sending outbound email marketing campaigns to a dirty email list is a surefire way to trigger a number of red flags in the eyes of ISP’s and spam filters.

A list of cold contacts requires regular data hygiene to improve campaign performance and avoid undeliverable emails. Undeliverable contact addresses can negatively impact a marketing campaign in several ways, such as:

  • Damaging your sender reputation
  • Being labeled a spammer
  • Low overall engagement of your campaign

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If you are looking to reduce your bounce rate and verify that your email addresses are legitimate (and that each mailbox actually exists), you need an email list cleaning service. At Clickback, we’re experts in email deliverability to a third party list – which is exactly why our email lead generation software includes a robust, built-in list cleaning feature.

What is dirty data?

ISPs (internet service providers) look at a number of metrics when deciding how to properly filter incoming email. It’s their job to protect their customers from receiving unwanted spam emails, but sometimes they stop messages going to recipients with legitimate interest as well.

Unfortunately, the mailbox signals triggered by invalid or “dirty data” is often responsible for blocking mail from legitimate senders.  A dirty email list can lead to lower open rates and engagement – and those are statistics no B2B marketing or sales professional likes to see on their report.

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Even the smallest mistake during data entry can lead to an invalid email address. An invalid email address can be the result of human error during data entry such as a simple typo, a misplaced @ symbol, or a forgotten character. Believe it or not, research shows that these errors occur in over 20 percent of email registrations.

When you send a campaign without running these invalid emails through an email cleaning list software, you will be on the radar of ISPs and spam filters. ISPs and spam filters make the call on how to interpret (and potentially block) your email campaigns. This includes everything from spam reports, to bounced messages. These factors will decide the fate of your campaign deliverability rate, and its ability to reach the inbox.

A number of variables are considered in making this determination, one being data quality. If you’re running your data through an email cleaning list software, your list will contain fewer inaccuracies. In addition to content quality and engagement, and IP reputation will give you a better chance of reaching the inbox. It reduces the likelihood of an ISP blocking you (or even your own ESP banning you).

When should I use an email cleaning list service?

Email list cleaning is a year-round concern, and you should do it routinely before each campaign for optimal deliverability. But it’s especially important if you’re sending to an older list, collaborating on a new one, or planning to expand your database by purchasing a professionally vetted email list.

It’s an essential step towards maintaining a healthy deliverability rate and helps reduce the number of soft and hard bounces your campaign experiences. By removing the invalid email addresses on your list, you focus your marketing efforts on the recipients that actually read and engage with your unique content.

Without properly cleaning (also known as scrubbing) your email list, you may be wasting time and money marketing your campaigns to people that aren’t interested in your business or don’t exist. All bulk email list will contain invalid addresses and redundancies due to data decay that happens naturally.

Companies that practice consistent data hygiene can expect to achieve better user engagement metrics which often results in more leads generated overall.

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Can my ESP or marketing automation software clean my list for me?

Email service providers and marketing automation software tools do not clean email lists. In fact, most ESP’s won’t let you send to a purchased list because they aren’t capable of cleaning the data. These tools were not designed for sending cold email campaigns to an unsolicited list and may suspend your account if you attempt to do so.

To use purchased lists, and to ensure your own homegrown list is clean, deliverable and CAN-SPAM/CASL/GDPR compliant, you need to use email list cleaning software. The infographic below from Accuwebhosting does a great job of visualizing the email validation process a contact record goes through.

email address validation infographic

Email Address Validation Infographic – Accuwebhosting.com

When it comes to generating B2B leads using email, having confidence in your email sending software’s ability to reach the inbox can make a world of difference. There are enough challenges involved with sending cold email campaigns without having to worry about hitting invalid email addresses and hard bounces.

Your marketing team should be able to focus on creating powerful messaging that persuades the reader to take action, not wondering why the email never reached its intended recipient. Clickback MAIL cleans your purchased list on import, to ensure you’re only marketing to real business contacts, not spam traps or an expired address.

What should I look for in an email list cleaning software?

You need a software that cleans your data upon import performing a variety of health and anti-spam risk checks. This removes all invalid email addresses and potential spam traps in the remaining addresses that are actually linked to a real-life, breathing human being.

An email list cleaning service will improve the deliverability (and profitability) of your outbound campaign. Below, is a list of the most basic list verification and legitimacy checks a software like Clickback MAIL performs:

  • Remove Duplicate Emails
  • DNS Record Verification (Invalid Domains)
  • Email Address Syntax (Improper Format)
  • Detect Role-Based Accounts (info@example.com)
  • Detect “Junk Collector” Emails (disposable addresses)
  • Spam / Honeypot Detection (bots, bad emails, spam seeds)
  • SMTP Verification (Ping Mailboxes)

You can upload your existing list of cold contacts into Clickback MAIL and it will run a variety of advanced list hygiene checks to remove the dirty data that can hurt your campaign. Our software gives you the capability to monitor your campaigns and gauge deliverability, bounce rates and unsubscribes so you can maintain the highest data quality.

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Generate warm B2B leads with a cleaned list

Once your purchased list of contacts has been run through the advanced hygiene tool included with the Clickback MAIL software, you can benefit from an improved deliverability rate. A clean email list allows your team to focus on generating warm B2B leads through engaging content, without worry of getting blacklisted or banned by your ISP.

Clients that are ready to become customers can be delivered to your sales team, while warmer leads that need further nurturing can move into the marketing stage of the sales funnel. Put your cold email list to work for you, and start landing high-quality B2B leads for your business by sending powerful marketing campaigns to targeted, industry-related contacts.

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