Simple Email Campaign Optimization Techniques

Simple Email Campaign Optimization Techniques

When it comes to digital marketing, engaging prospects, and acquiring new customers through email can play a large role in your overall lead generation strategy. However, there are lots of email campaign optimization best practices that many businesses don’t know about, and these could make or break your campaigns.


These email campaign optimization techniques should help you achieve higher open-rates, and better clickthrough rates by leveraging proven email marketing tactics. Many of these techniques are easy to implement, meaning you’ll quickly be able to see if these improvements have an impact on the success of your campaigns.


Concise and Convincing Content


It may seem obvious, but your email copy must do a good job of selling what you’re offering. The copy and the language in the body of the email should be short, sweet, and to the point, but also enticing. Your main goal is to get prospective customers to click through and ultimately make a purchase. Your job is to figure out how to get them from A to B in the shortest time, otherwise, you risk losing their attention.


Speaking directly to your ideal buyer persona will have a profound impact on the conversion rates of your email campaigns. Think about it like this. How likely would you be to sign up for a product that offered your business no immediate solution to a problem? Probably not very likely.


Focus on filling the business needs of your prospects and delivering actionable value. Even if they’re not yet ready to convert, they won’t unsubscribe from your list. This means you’ll have a chance to tickle their buying bone next time, so be patient.


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Compelling People with Images


It’s important not to use too many graphics (and definitely no videos) in your emails, but your campaigns should be visually driven and captivating. Images should be relevant (no stock photos), interesting, eye-catching, and convey important information about your offer.


Rather than using a generic image of “Man using a laptop”, include screenshots of your product, your office, your team. Put a face to your name, and show that you are a legitimate business that cares about their customers. Images of people have proven to be more compelling than stagnant objects, so try to show off your team members when possible.


Use images sparingly, and make sure that your content copy is strong enough to stand on its own. And whatever you do, don’t send image-only email messages.


Write Enticing Subject Lines


The subject line is your first (and possibly only) chance to get your customers’ attention. In fact, over 30 percent of people choose whether to read an email based on the subject alone. There are plenty of approaches to writing compelling subject lines, and a few best practices include:


  • Ask a question or offer a solution to a pain point
  • Make it personal (use the recipient’s name)
  • Make each recipient feel special
  • Keep it short
  • Use actionable language


We’ve compiled our 10 best strategies for writing effective cold email subject lines in the past, so be sure to review those tips. Personalization and identifying your prospects’ pain points are perhaps the most powerful tactics to consider when coming up with a good subject line.


Segment Your List and Personalize


Each of your customers is unique, so different things are going to get their attention. You can reach and engage the most people by segmenting your list based on things like interests, buying habits, age, occupation, geography, and other factors.


Once you’ve segmented, you can personalize your email campaign so it’s tailored to specific segments. Personalize every element of the email, including the subject, text, images, call to action, and even the offer itself. Not only will you see higher open and click-through rates, but you could also reduce the chances of your emails being reported by up to 40 percent.


Include a Strong Call-to-Action


You don’t just send out emails for fun. Rather, they’re an important part of your marketing and engagement campaigns, so it’s integral to make them work for you. The call to action is the best way of achieving this because it tells customers exactly what they’re supposed to do. Just make sure your CTA is clear, compelling, friendly, and actionable.


Simple, yet ingenious techniques have been known to increase CTA (call-to-action) clickthrough rates, so why not give what’s already working a try? It’s up to you to take a fresh approach to the proven CTA best practices so that they align with your unique content. The way you choose to deliver the message will change, but certain strategies can be leveraged no matter what you’re selling.


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Monitor, Test and Improve


Learn how to interpret your sending data so that changes in your content show obvious improvements or declines in engagement. Metrics to look at include open-rate, clickthrough rate and of course, conversion rate. Don’t just throw ideas to the wall and see what sticks, make small improvements to what’s already working.


Clickback’s email lead generation software can make it easy for you to implement all of these techniques into your future email campaigns. What’s more, you’ll also be able to test multiple versions of each email to help you guarantee the most success. Email is an integral part of the relationship you have with present customers and prospects, and the right software will guarantee that relationship stays alive and healthy.


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