5 Surprising Cold Email Statistics for Better Campaigns

5 Surprising Cold Email Statistics for Better Campaigns

Getting cold prospects to open and respond to your emails takes a concentrated effort. The following cold email statistics will give you a benchmark to measure your success. Even if your products and services are a perfect solution to their needs, their guard is up simply because to them, you’re a stranger.

In the world of B2B marketing, getting creative will only take you so far. Sometimes, you need to make decisions based on industry data that has been proven to work for others.

Your cold email content may be stellar, but the first challenge is getting your emails opened. From your email subject lines to the time of day you hit “send”, small changes to your cold campaigns can make a big difference in your open rates.

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1. A Third of Recipients Open Emails Based On Subject Line Alone

According to this study by , approximately 35% of email recipients decide to click on the email based on the subject line alone. Does this seem obvious to you?

If so, your subject lines better have what it takes to win over a cold contact. A winning cold email subject line has the power to eclipse the fact that the reader has no previous relationship with the sender.

Dedicate time and energy into subject lines that demand the recipient’s attention. When it comes to cold emailing, crafting a powerful subject line is crucial for success.

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2. Short Subject Lines That Attract Attention Are Best

B2B marketers and sales professionals are well aware that a short subject line is best when it comes to visibility on a mobile phone. A rule of thumb is to stay under 45 characters in the subject line.

In a study by Prospect.io, they uncovered the following cold email statistics. If the subject line is 3-12 characters long, you can expect an open rate of 44%. Compare this to the surprising open rate of 33% for a subject line that used 29-45 characters.

There are a lot of factors that go into open rates, but these statistics make it clear that writing a subject line that is short and sweet is worth a shot.

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3. Email Personalization Can Increase Your Reply Rate by 100%

In a study shared by Propeller, one company found that personalizing their email campaign doubled their response rate.

The study found that emails with advanced personalization such as congratulating the recipient on a new product launch can garner a 17% response rate over just 7% of a non-personalized email.

Clickback lets you use custom tokens to tap into the power of email personalization in your cold campaigns.

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4. When It Comes to Email Content Length, Keep It Short and to the Point

Just like your cold email subject line, content that gets down to business without a lot of fluff performs better. In an experiment featured on Fast Company, the author found the sweet spot to be about 900 characters.

Make sure to clearly identify the pain points of your target customer in your content. Short and sweet doesn’t mean that you don’t have to persuade them to take action.

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5. The best time to send your email is later than you think

Studies show that there are two times that stand out in terms of earning opens and responses from a cold campaign. Those times are before your prospect has arrived at work (6 AM), and after your competitors have left the office (8 PM).

In a cold email campaign example by Prospect.io, they saw the highest open rate between 7 PM and 9 PM.

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