3 Proven Cold Email Formulas (That Actually Work)

3 Proven Cold Email Formulas (That Actually Work)

Sales professionals know the challenges of cold email outreach all too well. It takes a concentrated effort, a proven strategy (and maybe even a little luck) to capture the attention of your prospects. Cold email campaigns are often subject to a low open rate due to the nature of non-permission based emails.

However, if you’ve experienced the challenges of lead generation through cold calling, you soon realize that sending cold emails is much less painful. But why go through all of trying to convince a cold audience to buy your products when it’s been proven that a permission-based list outperforms it?

Because an effective cold email campaign can be scaled using a purchased list.

Unsolicited cold email campaigns don’t have to be scammy, either. Smart marketing and sales teams understand that you need to deliver legitimate value to potential customers related to your industry to be successful. You just need an email sending software that’s capable of getting your cold emails delivered to the inbox.

Without that, even the most compelling sales prospecting email will never see the light of day.

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3 Proven Cold Email Formulas That Actually Work

When you’ve got the right email software to get your messages to the inbox, the next step is to make sure your audience reads and engages with your content. With so much noise surrounding your target audience, it takes a captivating email to earn their valuable time and attention.

The good news is, there are proven cold sales email formulas that have been known to increase engagement and eventually turn more prospects into customers. The formulas use the basic scientific principals of persuasion and influence to draw the readers attention.

The following cold sales email formulas aim to help you improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. Combining a personalized approach with strong messaging can have a positive effect on everything from your open rate to conversions.

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Many of the powerful copywriting formulas that have been known to get audiences to take action can be applied to your cold emails. Instead of starting from scratch, use one of the proven cold email formulas listed below to organize your message with a persuasive impact.

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1. The Pain and Relief Formula

This technique draws its power from the fact that people are motivated to take action from either pleasure or pain. By triggering a response to a problem that hits home with your reader, you stand a much better chance at compelling them to take action.

Start your email by describing a common problem related to a professional in their industry. The more specific and targeted you can be about this pain point, the better. The goal is to have the reader relate to the issue and remind them of how desperately they’re in need of an immediate solution.

Next, describe how your product or service can quickly and easily put an end to this issue. The idea is to position your business as a source of relief with a solution that your audience can easily understand. Finish the email with a strong close that makes it clear of the next steps to take.

This formula uses timeless behavioral trigger humans have to relieve pain in their lives. It motivates your prospect to take action in a subconscious way, that a generic and uninspired email never could.

Here is an example of this formula in action from a post by Yesware.

cold sales email

2. The Pitch, Drop, and Run

This clever email formula is designed to give your reader a secondary option to act on. This strategy involves offering a high-commitment pitch to the reader, such as a phone call meeting. Asking a cold audience to meet on the phone is a tough sell.

The beauty of this strategy is that your secondary option becomes a much easier sell by comparison. For example, your email could mention that you have suggestions for improving a particular aspect of their business. If their interest is strong, they may call you – but if they don’t, you have a backup plan.

Include a case-study, useful report, or free piece of content that showcases how your business helps their customers succeed. If the reader consumes this content, they are much more likely to read your next email or consider your business services in the future.

Here is a perfect example of this strategy in use by HubSpot shared by Close.io.

email prospecting template

3. The Star, Story, Solution

The idea behind this cold email formula is to tell a story using a real person (It could be yourself, or a client), that faces the same problems your target audience has. This is an old copywriting formula that’s character-focused and short.

  • Introduce the star of the story
  • Tell the star’s story
  • Present the solution that helped the star achieve big things

In another example from the Yesware Blog, you’ll see the authors clever use of the star, story, solution formula at play

star, story, solution formula

The main character of the story in your email should be relatable to the audience so that they feel as if the story is about them. This will create an underlying emotional connection that can have a powerful impact on the future decision-making process of your prospect.

The science behind this formula is that the human brain does not make much of a distinction between reading about an experience and actually encountering it themselves. The neurological stimulation your readers’ experience is why storytelling can be so effective in marketing.

The star, story, solution formula is everywhere, including on this old ad from Apple:

Apple marketing example

When your audience can easily relate to the character in the story, it helps them visualize the idea you’re trying to sell them on. When people read a compelling story, it’s as if they are living it themselves.

Use this phenomenon to your advantage by painting a picture of your unique solutions to a problem.

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