The Perfect Cold Email for Web Design (6 Strategies That Work) | Clickback

The Perfect Cold Email for Web Design (6 Strategies That Work) | Clickback

In this post, we’ll share the secret sauce behind some of the best cold emails sent from a web design firm. The web design industry is booming thanks to the increased pressure business owners feel to keep their website up-to-date and mobile friendly.

This presents an incredible opportunity to grow your web design business. There is an endless supply of business websites in need of an update or redesign. Whether it’s a complete overhaul of the content strategy or a WordPress migration, this specialized work is in high demand.

Your potential customers need to optimize the customer experience on their websites and make sure that their online presence properly represents their brand and draw in new website visitors through organic traffic. Some of the ways your web design firm can help clients right now include:

  • Ensuring their website complies with visitor privacy laws
  • Speeding up web page load times
  • Optimizing existing content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you own a web design company and you’re ready to scale, cold email outreach is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience. Not everyone who receives your message will be ready to convert on the spot, but the ones that do engage may just end up being some of your best customers down the road.

The Cold Email Approach

Reaching out to prospects using cold email campaigns is certainly not a new concept, sales professionals have been using this tactic to generate new leads for their business for many years. Most people do not enjoy cold calling prospects on the phone because it can be stressful and nerve-racking. Email, however, is much less intrusive and a LOT easier to scale.

The key is to hone your cold emailing skills to focus on proven strategies and formulas that get results using this method. If you are new to cold emailing B2B prospects, it may seem a little spammy with little room for success.

The truth is, some of our Clickback MAIL clients have closed deals of $30K from a single outbound email campaign. In this post, we’ll cover some of the methods and tactics you can use to land clients and generate new leads for your web design company.

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The Perfect Cold Email Template

We have researched some of the most powerful cold email campaigns from web design companies across the globe. Feel free to put your own flavor on the content, but be sure to use the proven framework that has helped thousands of web design companies land new customers using cold email.

The power behind this strategy is to talk like a real person, and present specific benefits to the reader right away (What a concept!). The problem is, most marketers think that they need to use a specific formula to convert more clicks, and they don’t really think about the email from a user experience point of view.

To make matters worse, marketing and sales professionals will attempt to use a cold email template from an unrelated industry for their niche audience. What works for certain business industries does not work for others. The tone and approach of the conversation can change drastically depending on what’s being offered.

In the web design field, pointing out the current issues of the business’s website is a powerful way to attract attention. It’s a very tangible pain point for the client, and most business owners know how important a highly optimized website is. You’ll see in the tactics listed below, a great deal of effort is put into addressing website issues and offering a specific solution.

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6 Strategies for Landing Web Design Clients Using Cold Email

Clearly State Who You Are

I know that cold emailing is a great way to avoid the awkward moments that come up in a one-on-one conversation on the phone, but you can’t hide behind your keyboard either. Clearly state who you are and the name of your business right away. This proves to the reader that you are a real person that is ready to help them out with their web design needs.

Talk Like a Real Person (No Cookie Cutter Templates)

Avoid using the cookie-cutter templates your prospects are tired of seeing. Emails that look like they are following a “formula” and aren’t personalized will quickly find themselves in the junk folder. Instead, use the kind of dialogue that you would use in a real-life situation. Now is not the time to be overly salesy, be down-to-earth and approachable.

Include Testimonials of Relevant Work

When it comes to B2B marketing, testimonials are an essential strategy to leverage when reaching out to cold prospects. By including testimonials of your satisfied customers in your cold email, you show that your business cares about its reputation and the service it provides. Ideally, the testimonial will be from a client in a similar situation to the one you are reaching out to.

Link to a Specific Example in a Relevant Industry (Case Study)

For many marketers, the case study example is the most important element of the email. Business owners want to see examples they can relate too in situations where the offer is a little unclear. You need to prove to the reader that what you are offering is a good fit for their specific website needs.

Point out Specific Problems of Their Current Website

Bring specific pain points to the surface. This has a remarkable way of capturing attention, and it can be especially effective in the web design industry. As you know, a small change in a company’s website can have a huge impact to their bottom line. Isolate the most important issue that needs addressing, and make sure it stands out in your email.

Give Them Specific Benefits

Now that you have captured their attention, proven that you are a respectable business and shown exactly what’s wrong with their website, it’s time to present them with a quick and painless solution. If your email managed to touch on something that your prospect was already thinking about, there is a good chance they will engage with your cold email.

Here is a superb example of these strategies put into action from the user JAJT on the Fastlane Forum website:

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Scale Your Cold Email Campaigns with Clickback MAIL

Now you know what makes a great cold email for attracting new web design clients, it’s time to scale the idea so that new leads are flowing into the sales funnel on a regular basis. Clickback MAIL was designed for cold email, because it lets you send large email campaigns to a purchased list at scale.

That means no more small batches of outbound email outreach campaigns using Gmail. Our email lead generation software allows you to send powerful cold email campaigns to a massive list of potential web design customers. You’ll be able to build, segment and optimize your sales emails within a single software tool.

Clickback MAIL handles issues with deliverability that come with a cold list of contacts. It cleans and optimizes your list of industry related contacts so that your campaigns reach the inbox of your targeted prospects.

Get a demo of the only B2B email lead generation software built exclusively for cold email marketing campaigns.

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