Clickback Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation in Software

Clickback Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation in Software

Clickback Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation in Software


It’s been two whole decades since Clickback entered the email marketing stage. 20 years is a long time to do anything, and we’re proud to continue to push the boundaries of cold email marketing.


It’s been an incredible journey so far, and with two decades of experience to draw on, we’re confident it will only continue to get better. Let’s reminisce a bit.


Our Journey

In 2000, Clickback wasn’t even Clickback yet! We were known as NEIsoft when we launched our email marketing product called eBlaster, which was our first foray into email software. At the time, we were primarily a web development company. Launching eBlaster was the earliest inception of what is now Clickback, our flagship product. Not that we knew it back then!


In 2006, we rebranded our products under the new Clickback name. eBlaster became Clickback MAIL, and the rebranding came with the release of Clickback MAIL 2.3.0, a major update that amplified MAIL’s capabilities.


In 2011, something major happened. We saw that our customers were using Clickback MAIL for targeted B2B lead generation – that is, reaching out to cold contacts and generating leads directly through email. This was a gap in the industry at the time; there were very few solutions that actually allowed cold lists.


This insight prompted us to do two things: we began focusing on providing a platform specifically designed to allow B2Bs to take full advantage of this approach, and we coined a name for the tactic itself: Email Lead Generation.


As we shifted focus, we also followed up on our rebranding from 2006 by changing our corporate name to Clickback Inc. We began transforming Clickback MAIL from “the product formerly known as eBlaster” into a powerful, cutting-edge tool for email lead generation – the first of its kind, and a product we’re proud to call our flagship.


There followed a small flurry of activity and recognition. In 2012, we were nominated for the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year award, and in 2019 we ranked #106 on the 29th Annual PROFIT 500 list, an award that recognizes the most dynamic, fast-growing and successful businesses in Canada.


We’re a close-knit company and have always been involved with and grateful for our community. In 2018, Clickback’s CEO Kyle Tkachuk launched ACCEL NORTH as a way to give back and encourage the local entrepreneurial spirit. It’s Canada’s largest multi-story flexible office and co-working space, where entrepreneurs and businesses can work and flourish.


Clickback has always enjoyed pushing the boundaries of what our software can do. In 2019, we created a powerful new feature called Website Visitor Intelligence™, or WVI for short. It allows our customers to track their contacts from email clickthrough to website visitor to form conversion.


In March of 2020, we performed a massive overhaul of Clickback MAIL, updating it to v6. For one thing, we dropped the “MAIL” – it’s just Clickback now. We also completely redesigned the UI and UX from the ground up, enhanced some existing features and added new ones. WVI also went live with the launch of Clickback v6.


In 2020, we also received the Team STC Leadership Award, recognizing our success over the last 20 years and our reinvestment into our community through Clickback and ACCEL NORTH.


For nine years, we’ve been laser-focused on providing a truly unique, powerful way for B2B businesses to aggressively scale their lead growth – all the way from startup to enterprise.


In this time, over 6.4 billion emails have been sent using our Clickback software. We use the deep insights gleaned from this massive amount of data, as well as plenty of customer feedback, to continue develop the next stage in the evolution of B2B email lead generation as a lead driver.


We’re committed to providing B2B marketers with high-impact, leading-edge tools to scale and grow, and to develop innovative, unique solutions to the ever-shifting landscape of marketing challenges.



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