Sustaining Your Business During the Pandemic: What’s Working for B2Bs

Sustaining Your Business During the Pandemic: What’s Working for B2Bs

For many of us, at the time of writing it’s been a challenging year so far. Business as we know it has largely been turned upside down by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve sadly seen many businesses struggling, but there are also many that are staying afloat, and some are even thriving.

Let’s look at ways your company can continue to succeed even during these turbulent times.

Sustaining Your Business During the Pandemic: What’s Working for B2Bs

Back in April, we took an in-depth look at what was, at the time, a looming recession and how businesses have successfully navigated such hurdles in the past, including ourselves here at Clickback.

Now, five months later, we can look back and see how B2Bs are doing and how you can continue to grow in this new landscape.

Initial Impact

According to a survey of B2B marketers conducted by eMarketer, the initial disruption in April and May 2020 caused by coronavirus varies greatly depending on your industry.


These results aren’t very surprising – the industries that rely most on face-to-face interaction were initially hit hardest. It’s pretty easy to see why the tourism industry took a big hit, with countries closing borders and tourism in general more-or-less falling off.

On the other hand, companies in the tech and financial sectors had less of a hard time pivoting. Part of this may be attributed to how effectively they were able to shift gears to remote work, meaning a less-drastic interruption of operations.

Overall, however, B2Bs have had to adopt new mindsets and ways of marketing. Much of that focuses on digital marketing.

Digital is King

More than ever before, the ability to reach potential leads online is dominating B2B marketing. As governments began shutting down non-essential businesses, in-person marketing simply wasn’t an option anymore.

Early on, there was a wave of messaging from business about “what we’re doing to help with the pandemic”. While well-intentioned, everyone started doing it, and it quickly became perceived as more of a branding bandwagon than an earnest attempt to help.

As we’ve settled into the “new normal”, so has our marketing. You need to reach customers where they are, and right now that’s purely online.

Social Media

Already a mainstay of many B2Bs’ strategies, social media has become a central touchpoint for businesses to interact with customers and leads.

Whether that’s advertising, branding, or just letting people know “we’re still here”, a presence on social media is even more important than ever these days.


Even before the pandemic, Google Ads was a powerful channel for B2B marketing. Done right, it gets your message in front of thousands of eyeballs who are searching terms that are related to your business, right at the top of the page.

It’s a logical choice to lean into during the pandemic as well. In 2019, most B2B purchases began with a search – and that was when buyers didn’t need to turn to Google to shop. During the pandemic, Google is a natural go-to when you’re looking for a new solution or product.

The good news is that it has an incredibly low barrier to entry. You don’t need a particularly large budget to get started with PPC, and you can see results pretty immediately.

Email Marketing

It’s been around forever, but email is more important than ever before. These days, finding your target audience is harder. As the global situation forced many businesses to turn to SEO, PPC and social media to keep their funnels full, the already-saturated SERPs (search engine results pages) have become even more cutthroat.

Social media is no different, with everyone’s feeds clogged by ads and businesses trying their best to stay afloat.

By all means roll up your sleeves and wade into the crowd – these channels are important. However, if you can reach your target audience before they turn to the overcrowded search engines, you’re ahead of the pack.

That’s where cold email comes in. When you do it right, you can get your message out to well-targeted contacts at scale.

A solid cold campaign doesn’t just generate leads outright, though. It puts your brand name in your contact’s brain even if they don’t immediately convert, so that when they do go hunting for a solution and your Google Ad or Facebook post shows up, they’ll recognize you.

That brand recognition, even on a subconscious level, can be an incredibly powerful factor in driving them to click on your ad instead of a competitor’s.

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