The Benefits of Using a Bulk Email Service

The Benefits of Using a Bulk Email Service

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large company who’s looking to grow your B2B lead funnel or client base, a bulk email service can help. In fact, according to a recent study email sending has been trending upwards with the most recent report indicating that we send 347.3 billion emails on average each day. Yes, you read that correctly – that number is daily! It’s actually forecasted to scale up in 2024 to 361.6 billion emails. So, if you’re looking for a super-efficient way to get in front of your target audience, using a bulk email service is likely your best bet.

What is it?

A bulk email service allows you to send large volume emails out to a list of cold contacts, at scale. We recommend sending them to businesses only, as consumer laws are much more difficult to remain compliant with. Most bulk email service solutions have automation systems built in to increase efficiencies while being able to send a personalized message to your targeted subscribers or cold contacts.

Reasons to Send Bulk Emails?

Broadened Reach

The limitation with sending emails today is the reach. Most email service providers such as MailChimp or Constant Contact rely on customers sending emails to their opted-in contacts only. Building a homegrown list can take years. When you’re wanting to quickly scale, it can be difficult to spend resources and time with no return for at least 12-24 months. Therefore relying solely on sending to individuals who have filled in a form or have already connected with you through other means of marketing minimizes your potential reach for lead and customer growth.

A bulk email service, in contrast, maximizes the potential for growth by allowing you to interact with a larger network of prospects. This in turn gives you the ability to expand your reach.

A bulk email service, in contrast, maximizes the potential for growth. It allows you to interact with a larger network of prospects. This in turn gives you the ability to expand your reach.

Easily Access Your Audience

When you’re sitting in a waiting room, or at a coffee shop, how many people do you often see on their phones. The answer is probably more than half. We carry our mobile devices with us everywhere. This means that you have the capability of reaching your prospective contacts at any given moment of the day, wherever it is they are. Using a bulk email sender gives you the potential to expand your reach exponentially.


With the ability to multi-channel your marketing, these initiatives may see costs rise. The goal is to pinpoint a driver that delivers results at a lower budget.    

Whether it’s a website build, rebranding, social or experiential campaigns, having a bulk email service provider to rely on will, typically, give you options to connect with a larger network of prospects. The cost to gain that one lead is often quite small when compared to other digital or traditional marketing methods. On average, you can expect to pay around $30 for that one lead. However, this cost per lead could fluctuate depending on which bulk email service you decide on and the size of your list.

When using a bulk email service ensure your list is segmented per the audience you want to connect with, and tailor your message accordingly. This will maximize the return you get from your list and has the potential to increase your B2B lead growth.

The more targeted your message is to your audience type, the more engaged your contacts will be with your message. This will likely net you a higher ROI by increasing your delivery and inbox rates, and as many bulk email services provide you with tiered pricing, you can decide which package best fits your company and your desired goals.

Strong Reporting and Data Insights

Bulk email services like Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software allows you to take control of your results based on the analytics provided through their robust campaign reporting.

Know how many of your emails were delivered, track the open rates, bounce rates, and several other metrics. They also have an intuitive domain and IP warm up feature to ensure your initial campaign sends out slowly through your very own sending variables to build reputation with each Mailbox Provider on your list. By relying on key data points and working with a company that builds and protects your sending reputation, you’ll quickly have the information needed to analyze and determine actions for improved campaign success. And if you don’t improve your campaign analytics, Clickback’s customer success team will help you out.


Core Reasons to Send Bulk Emails

There are several reasons as to why you may want to send emails out through a bulk email service, but we’ve narrowed it down to the five main ones that you may want to consider:

Lead Generation

Accelerating your lead funnel is hard work. It takes time to build a campaign, determine who you want to target and budget accordingly. With a bulk email service, it takes the guesswork out of the build. Sending emails to a targeted list of contacts is easy, cost-effective, and works. Acquiring a cold email list of contacts from a reputable data provider that contains highly-targeted email addresses has the potential to increase your lead growth – at scale.  The key to lead generation success is to plan and write engaging email messages, to drive the conversions, generate ROI and secondly to build reputation on your sending variables with Mailbox Providers.  Engagement is KEY.

List Cleansing

Each year your list naturally degrades by about 25%. If you are a consistent sender who has a set schedule to reach out to your list of contacts, then your list will remain clean and updated. But it’ll still degrade through opt-outs, people changing jobs, email addresses being abandoned. There are times however when a list is stagnant. It’s been built or purchased over the years and may be sitting untouched for a specific period – months or years. Or, you may have obtained a list from a not-so reputable data provider.

The first few sends to an unsent to or low-quality list will produce poor results, at first. But once it’s been sent to a few times, and the hard bounces, spam traps and other bad contacts are removed, it’ll likely provide you with some solid results. Although, it’s always best to send to lists that are targeted and cleaned, it’s understandable if that’s not always the case. A bulk email service should hygiene check and verify your list on import. If they don’t, you’ll likely tarnish your sending variables and reputation of those sending variables, so it’s best to work with one that does the cleansing for you prior to emailing your list of contacts.

Protect Your Company’s IP’s & Domains

The biggest benefit of a bulk email service is IP and domain protection. Sending a large-volume campaign can get you in trouble with certain mail clients or Mailbox Providers, who are not used to seeing a lot of emails being sent from certain sending variables. This could get your IP or domain on a blacklist and if you’re using your personal or corporate sending variables to send a large-volume email campaign out, and you land on a blacklist, this could put your company out of commission. Emails sent to customers, friends, or colleagues start heading to spam and they now won’t receive your messages. You’ll start to hear from people that they aren’t getting your emails, and you may have to rely more heavily on phone calls until your domain or IP gets removed from a blacklist.

Using a quality, bulk email provider like Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software will ensure your company or corporate IPs and domains are protected and will never impact your company from sending or receiving daily email.

IP Warm Up & Delivery Management

Using the right bulk email service such as Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software

will have IP and domain warm up and delivery management built in as part of their solution. This gives you peace of mind that someone who has pioneered email lead generation, and who have been experts in the bulk email service industry for 20+ years, is managing the delivery and send of your campaigns tightly.

There are a lot of bulk email services that offer this solution to you, but for an extra cost. It’s not baked into their price. Make sure to do your homework upfront before signing on the dotted line. The last thing you want is to spend time building a promotion for a timely sale coming up and be unable to effectively deliver it.

Using the right bulk email service will help you organize and release these promotions to the right groups, that you’ve diligently segmented into their own audiences.


Top Features Available in Professional Bulk Email Services

To comment further as to why you would want to use a bulk email service to reach your potential clients and contacts, we’ve listed a few features below for you to consider:

Cold Email Marketing Metrics

There are several tracking tools you can utilize to better understand the performance of your bulk email campaigns. Key features that we mentioned above like open rates, click through rates, etc. are all important metrics that are available in all email marketing software, whether opted-in or cold. Other key metrics of bulk email campaigns can be visitors to a landing page, form fills or conversions and direct replies to your email message.

List Cleansing

As stated earlier, lists naturally degrade over time. It’s best to work with a bulk email service that understands that and has a list cleanse or hygiene check feature as part of their solution.

Design Templates

Utilizing a design template has never made building out an esthetically pleasing bulk email easier. There are many options out there for a design template but looking for a bulk email service that has all the tools combined will a helpful customer success team, can optimize your campaign messaging and results.

Why Clickback?

Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software

enables you to automate your cold B2B email campaigns and manage your contacts with ease while also taking care of the technical challenges that you may encounter during cold email outreach.

We do a list cleanse and hygiene check on every contact imported into our system before you send, as lists eventually degrade over time. Contacts could have left their roles, and emails change. There’s also the chance that email addresses that used to be valid, become spam traps. Clickback manages this for you, so you don’t have to.

With Clickback, you’ll have your own dedicated sending IPs and Domains, protecting your company’s daily emails to customers and suppliers. This also means you don’t have to worry about sharing these email sending variables with anyone else (i.e. other customers). How or when somebody else sends their campaign will not impact your send. We also have IP warmup and domain management as included features, meaning we properly warm up your sending variables, and manage your IPs and Domains for you.

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