Best Outreach Email Tool to Grow Your Business

Best Outreach Email Tool to Grow Your Business

Cold email outreach is an extremely effective way to generate B2B leads. The problem is that it can be hard to find a tool that will give you the best results.

Most email platforms simply don’t allow you to send emails to cold lists, so you can’t just open Gmail or Outlook and send from them. That’s a surefire way you get your domain or IP on a blacklist. Or, to get you banned from sending emails out of that mail client.

Don’t worry, though – here’s what to look for in an outreach email tool.

Does It Allow Cold Lists?

First, you’ll need a tool that allows for purchased or cold lists.

Most email service providers (ESPs) flat out will not allow them. This isn’t because cold outreach isn’t effective or valuable – it’s because of how ESPs are set up. If you’re unsure if an ESP will accept your list of contacts, it’s best to read their Terms of Use.

It’s important to remember that ESPs share IPs with their users, and if one person damages their domain’s sender reputation by using a cold list without following best practices, it could negatively impact other users. So, they just don’t allow those types of lists. It’s too risky for them and puts their clients at risk.

Choose an outreach tool that allows purchased/cold/large lists.

Does It Protect Your Sender Reputation?

While we’re on the subject, sender reputation is an important factor in cold outreach. In a nutshell, it’s a score from 1-100 that your IP and domain have. The lower it is, the less that spam filters will trust your campaigns.

Think of it as a trustworthiness score for your emails. Spam filters use it to judge whether to toss your email in the recipient’s junk folder or whether to place it in their inbox.

Since you don’t want to send campaigns into junk folders, it’s important to maintain a high sender reputation score. The problem is, it’s very easy to damage your score. Spam filters are on the lookout for all kinds of red flags, all the time.

The ideal outreach platform will send using dedicated IPs and domains, so your corporate IP and domains’ sender reputations will not be at risk.

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Does It Clean Your List?

Even if you get your list from a reputable, high-quality data provider, you still need to get your list cleaned before using it.

Every email list decays naturally over time, as people leave jobs and so on. Sometimes, emails are repurposed as spam traps – addresses that exist solely to identify and blacklist spammers.

Spam traps are addresses you don’t want to send to. They are maliciously used to tarnish reputations and get people in the bad graces of spam appliances. Not only are spam traps not real people, but sending to bad addresses will damage your sender score.

Generally, list cleaning and verification is a third-party service you’ll need to purchase. Some sending platforms will have a list cleaning functionality built in. If they don’t, you probably want to search for another solution. Or, be vigilant in cleaning your list of contacts.

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Does It Audit Your Content?

There are a lot of words that spam filters don’t like. Here’s a list of 475 of them for example, and there are plenty more. It’s impossible to keep them all in your head.

It’s also impossible to write a coherent email without hitting some of them, but some are worse than others and will directly impact whether your message lands in an inbox or junk folder.

The best outreach email tool will scan your messages as you write them and notify you of anything that could reduce your deliverability.

Can You Target Unconverted Contacts?

Let’s say you send an email campaign and get 10,000 clicks and 100 conversions. What about the other 9900 contacts who clicked but didn’t convert?

Typically, you’d end up just including them in your next campaign and hoping to get them next time.

That’s hugely inefficient, though – a significant number of contacts are interested enough to click your email. Do you want to start from scratch with them every time?

Instead, use an outreach tool that lets you target and nurture those unconverted contacts separately. That way, you can tailor your messages to them specifically and bring them closer to conversion.

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What Software Checks All Those Boxes?

There’s only one – Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software. Not only does it allow you to send emails to cold lists, but it’s also designed specifically for cold email outreach. That means no limit on how many contacts you can upload, or how many emails you can send.

It keeps the reputation of your corporate sending variables safe by sending with a pool of IPs and domains dedicated solely for your use within your Clickback account.

Your lists are automatically put through a series of in-depth, rigorous hygiene and verification checks to clear out bad data and spam traps. No need to buy third-party services.

It also includes real-time content auditing in the email editor, so you can make sure your content won’t hurt your deliverability before you send it.

Thanks to built-in Website Visitor Intelligence™ software, not only can you target and nurture unconverted contacts – you can see how they interact with your website in general. This means you can identify pain points to address in your nurturing emails.

For example, if someone spent time looking at your pricing page but didn’t follow through, you might consider sending them a follow-up offering them a deal.

Clickback is the ultimate outreach email tool. See it in action today with a 1:1 live software demo.

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