A High-Impact B2B Sales Prospecting Method for 2022

A High-Impact B2B Sales Prospecting Method for 2022

Sales is always changing. Sure, the concept remains the same – qualify leads and close deals – but the actual methodology and process is in a constant state of evolution.

Today’s ideal B2B sales prospecting method looks different than what worked in the past. Today, most buyers are more than 60% of the way towards making a decision by the time they contact a vendor at all.

This means that when a prospect reaches out to you, they’ve already investigated your brand and your offerings. Which means they know more about you than you do about them.

A High-Impact B2B Sales Prospecting Method for 2022

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1 – Find the Best Prospects

The first step to successful sales prospecting is to find the right leads – the ones that are clearly interested in what you offer and can benefit from it.

You’re probably thinking “Wait, isn’t that the whole idea? Why just step 1?”

The answer is that finding a pool of great leads is a strong start, but not the whole journey.

One of the best places to get high-quality leads is your website. Makes sense, right? People on your website are there for a reason, and if they’re looking at your products and pricing it’s because they’re interested.

Unfortunately, for the average website, only about 2% of traffic ever converts. That’s a whole lot of missed opportunities there.


This is were you need to implement remarketing strategies.
Google Ads remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site. Past visitors will see these ads while they are browsing the web, watching YouTube videos or reading news sites.

It’s a powerful prospecting strategy that turns missed opportunities into warm leads.

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2 – Do Your Homework

Once you’ve got a nice list of prospects, it’s time to learn more about them. At this point, you have a few things to determine.

  • Which of these prospects are a good fit?
  • Which of them is the most valuable to me?
  • Where are my opportunities for building a connection?

Your ultimate goal here is to have a qualified, prioritized list of prospects, each with notes on how to connect with them.

This gives you a list to work down and a starting point for outreach.

For particularly high-priority prospects, add in an extra layer of research. Learn even more – visit their social media pages, their blog, educate yourself more about their company. Information is the best tool in your kit.

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3 – Reach Out

With a list of potential leads such as subscribers lists you can confidently reach out to them . How you do this is very dependent on your own context, but here are some quick general tips:

  • Personalize as much as you can. If you’re reaching out directly to one prospect, address them directly and make sure that it’s very clear that you’re reaching out to them in particular. Address a specific problem they’re having, for example.
  • Stay on target and be concise. Offer them real value – like a solution to that problem you addressed in the previous point.
  • Be friendly and sound human. Nobody likes overly stiff, formal communication. Inject some of your personality into your message.

If you find you’re having trouble with crafting a message that doesn’t just feel like you’re selling them something, don’t think of it as selling.

Instead, think of your message as trying to determine if there would be value and benefit in a mutual relationship.

Remember, you don’t need to make your sales pitch in your first email. In fact, it’s often better to initially reach out and open a conversation. Gently nurture your prospects towards a purchase by building up a relationship with them.

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The foundation of a high-impact sales prospecting process is being able to identify and capture high-value leads. Researching and nurturing those leads towards a purchase is much easier if you know that they’re interested in your offer.

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