What is a B2B Marketing Strategy ?

What is a B2B Marketing Strategy ?

B2B marketing refers to the strategies companies use to sell products and services to other companies or organizations. Basically, instead of selling to consumers you sell it to other business. In a broad sense, B2B marketing content tends to be more informational and straightforward than B2C. Because B2B purchases are more growth-oriented rather bottom-oriented revenue impact like in B2C.

Purpose of B2B Marketing Strategy

The purpose of B2B marketing is to make other brands and companies in the market aware of your product or services and turn them into customers. B2B marketing efforts are focused on any individual(s) with control or effect on buying choices. These individuals can range from managers to C-Level executives. B2B marketing focuses more on the needs, interests, and challenges of these individuals. This is how the organizations become customers.


How B2B Strategy Drives Growth

When we start planning B2B strategies we need understand couple of things for a successful campaign.

B2B marketing strategy

Brand Positioning

To develop a strong and effective B2B marketing strategy. It is very important to understand your brand positioning. We need to know how we compare to our competitors . This allow us to accomplish two things one to understand where, what, and how our brand stands in the eyes of our customers. Number two is if any of our competitors doing better than we are? If so, then what are they doing better? So we can utilize that in our strategy to improve our positioning.

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B2B marketing strategy

Target Your Audience

It is one of the most important steps to identify your target audience. After all, the content you createthat will be personalized for that audience. Creating an ideal buyer persona is very important for a successful B2B marketing campaign. The competitive analysis can help you with this step. You can look at the target audience that your competitors are focusing on.

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B2B marketing strategy

Set Goals

Marketing is always an ongoing process. Therefore, it is always important to have goals to keep you moving in the right direction. In simple words all you want to do is to see if your B2B marketing strategy is working or not?  If it is working, then look at what is working in it. If not then the same questions again why not? The more you analyze and learn about your campaign the more you will continue to improve and surpass your goals.

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Most B2B buying decisions are impacted not just by  one individual. It is always a common decision by different partners. A common mistake most marketers make is to focus simply on the decision maker. It definitely is a simpler  process, but won’t get you the results that you are hoping for. In almost all cases a solo decision maker doesn’t exist. So, it is essential to target not just one person but all stakeholders who can potentially influence the purchase decision.

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