3 Top-Performing B2B Cold Email Templates (and Why They Work)

3 Top-Performing B2B Cold Email Templates (and Why They Work)

The hardest part of any writing is getting started. This is true whether you’re sitting down to write a marketing email or a memoir.

The blank page is intimidating. It’s especially tricky when you’re writing cold emails. Even more if it’s a mass email, not a one-on-one send.

But not to worry – we have compiled some of the top-performing B2B cold email templates, with details on why they work.

First off, here a few pointers that apply to all cold emails, so keep these in mind.

  • A strong subject line is absolutely critical. If the recipient isn’t compelled to open your email, it’s game over already. Give the recipient a reason to read on by teasing the value (or solution) they’ll find inside.
  • Personalization is powerful. Include things like first names and company names to give recipients a sense of familiarity. This way they feel that the email was written specifically for them. Emails with personalization are proven to be far more effective.
  • Value is crucial. Your recipients need to feel that your email is worth their time. Identify a problem they have, and offer a solution.

For an in-depth guide on writing exceptional cold emails, read our article on cold email copywriting.

The B2B cold email templates presented here are just a few of those available in Clickback software. They’re a great starting place for your cold email campaigns.

1 – The Newsletter

Newsletters are a fantastic way to keep contacts engaged with your brand, and the newsletter format works for cold email as well. You present multiple pieces of content to the recipient, so they can choose which is most appealing to them. Be sure to offer a CTA or link to more content with each page to keep the reader engaged.

email newsletter template

Why It Works: Recipients are looking for value. If you maintain a blog, your articles are likely exactly what your audience is looking for. The newsletter template offers a condensed overview of those valuable articles.

If your audience is right and your content is relevant to them, a newsletter-style cold email can be extremely effective at generating engagement.

2 – The Promotion

This template is ideal for offers, events or updates. Whether it’s an upcoming sale, a series of product improvements, or an announcement, this template works when you have a group of offer-related pieces of information.

email promotion template

Why It Works: Similar to the newsletter template, this brief and punchy format can be used to offer a series of valuable pieces of content. A strong title and short explanation are effective at grabbing interest and communicating value. The direct and simple style of the content means you’re not taxing the reader’s attention span too much.

The sub-features (labelled “Upcoming” in this example) allow you to present your recipient with a range of options that are clear at first glance. As a visual template, try placing eye-catching graphics or Call-to-Action buttons in these spots.

3 – The Letter

In contrast to the previous template, the simple-but-effective letter format is perfect for when your message needs more body.

email letter template

Why It Works: The letter leans on ts simplicity. The high text-to-image ratio mean that it’s more spam-filter friendly. With strong copy, a plain letter-format email can be incredibly effective.

For this template to perform its best, use strong copywriting instead of images. The best cold email copy doesn’t feel cold, and comes across more like a letter to a colleague. Here are some quick tips:

  • Make it about them, not you. There’s no quicker way to disengage a prospective lead than to spend the whole email talking about your company and your products. Bluntly put, they don’t care. Talk about their company and their problems … and how your products solve those problems.
  • Get to the point quickly. Short and sweet is the name of the game when your contacts are cold. You’re already asking them to take time out of their day to read your email. Don’t take longer than needed to get to the point.
  • Back up your claims. If your products have been successful for big-name companies in the recipient’s industry, mention it! “Our top-tier collaboration software is used by companies like IBM and Microsoft” makes for a much more persuasive email.

B2B Cold Email Summary

If you’re having trouble jumping into writing cold emails, Clickback’s B2B cold email templates are a great place to start. In addition to awesome templates, Clickback provides a range of other benefits:

  • Built-in list cleaning: Clickback’s built-in list cleaning keeps your lists clean of bad addresses and spam traps. And we don’t charge extra like the other guys.
  • Real-time content checking: There are a wide range of words, phrases and formatting that spam filters treat as red flags. Clickback’s editor checks for these while you author your emails and notifies you if your email contains anything that could negatively impact your deliverability.
  • Robust reporting: Everything you need to track your emails, monitor key metrics, and refine campaigns for ongoing success.

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