A Fast Way To Build Your Inbound Lead Generation

A Fast Way To Build Your Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead generation is a cornerstone of any successful marketing program. Problem is, it can take months, even years, to really get a steady flow of inbound leads moving through the funnel. Inbound marketing is a great way to inspire customer engagement that leads to buyer journeys and recurring customer relationships.


Inbound marketing can be broken down into a three-step process:

Inbound Lead Generation

1. Grabbing Users Attention


Attracting your target audience is a crucial aspect  of your inbound process. This process is heavily tied to content creation. Having relevant content is important in this process because you don’t want to attract any random person. You want to focus on bringing in the right people that could be a potential lead.


You can achieve this by publishing blog posts or video content across social networks. And by creating ads to increase awareness of your brand with your target audience. Strategizing your content plan can help your potential customers to understand what your company stands for and why they need your products.

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Inbound Lead Generation

2. Improving User Engagement


Building a long-term relationship with your users is the main goal of this process. Having a good relationship with your customers can improve your customer loyalty and reduce customer churn-rate.


To do this, always be sure that you are selling solutions to your customers rather than the product itself – even after the final interaction. Providing your customers with engaging, helpful content builds a positive, trusting relationship.

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Inbound Lead Generation

3.Empowering and supporting your customers


Provide support for your potential customers in every way possible. Don’t let them be confused about how or what the product or service is. Make sure the customers are satisfied and happy even after the purchase has happened.


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Inbound Marketing Alternatives

What can you do in the meantime, while your inbound efforts gain traction, to give your lead generation a boost?


Reach out to cold contacts

One way to kick-start your inbound lead generation is by using cold email lists. The idea is to reach out to cold contacts and turn them into warm, permission-based leads. But if you try to do this using traditional Marketing Automation software or an Email Service Provider, you could run into trouble.


Why? Because they don’t have the data cleaning capabilities needed to remove bad data, spam traps or moles. So, when you send to a potentially “dirty” cold contact list using these platforms, you put your IPs and domains in jeopardy and run the risk of getting your account blocked.


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Inbound lead generation is slow-going to start with. It takes several months before you start to see solid results from your inbound efforts.

However, just because your Marketing Automation software won’t allow you to reach out to cold contacts doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the unlimited potential of growing your lead-base.

Fortunately, there is another option.

Our Email Lead Generation software allows you to reach out to cold contacts and convert them into warm B2B leads quickly and efficiently. Once these leads are warm, they can be used with your existing Marketing Automation software to enhance your inbound lead generation efforts.

Any problems you may have faced reaching out to cold contacts previously are solved. After all, our Email Lead Generation software is designed to:

  • Clean cold data upon import.
  • Help you maintain a healthy contact list.
  • Keep your IPs and domains safe. (We use our own!)
  • Keep your campaigns 100% CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Convert cold contacts into warm B2B leads.
  • Integrate with your existing Marketing Automation platforms.
  • Eliminate the need for manual data transfer.
  • Boost the power and reach of your inbound lead generation campaigns.

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It’s the perfect add-on, and it saves you time.

Since Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Marketing Automation platforms, it’s the perfect add-on to your existing inbound marketing program. Not only that, but it also gives you a quick way to increase new leads into your funnel so you can fast-track your inbound lead generation and sales.

To learn more about how Email Lead Generation software can enhance your inbound lead generation, sign up for a free demo.

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