5 Simple Steps to Boost Email Campaign ROI

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For some organizations, generating leads from an email campaign can turn into a game of chance – and an expensive one at that. Yet the problems which create lead-generating campaign costs that are too high and return that is too low are less complicated than you might think. Consider taking these five simple steps to boost your email campaign ROI:

1.  Make Your Content Fresh

Your email campaigns change frequently but the general message remains the same. So, instead of leaving an impression of originality and freshness with your email recipients’, you appear disorganized and not really sure of your direction. Developing content doesn’t mean being boring – it does mean being focused, having a plan, and continually delivering engaging messages in order to achieve maximum impact. You can even time your email campaign to coincide with specific events, seasons, new products, and new services to generate more hype.

2. Plan Your Email Campaign in Advance

Your email campaigns have a set due date. So there’s no excuse on why it’s often a last-minute scramble to get them live and to the inbox of your recipients. Don’t be a Sally “just in time.” As an email marketer, you work hard to develop the template, ensure your email list is ready to send to and create the subject lines and body content. But the campaigns don’t have the memorable edge that you’d like them to. They may even be more expensive or resource-intensive because of the “rush” factor.

Having email campaigns scheduled at least a month ahead of time means planning well in advance. No time for that? Think again – the time you spend planning your email campaign and executing it strategically is an investment that pays off in the form of increased brand recognition, stronger message retention and better overall lead generation.

3. Yield Results

Your marketing messages are killer. Clever. And, oh so witty. Yet you’re not delivering results. Why? It could be your email message is not reaching your recipients’ inbox. But how do you know? The best rule of thumb: work with a reputable email sending solution (such as Clickback) to optimize your email deliverability. Their software will run anti-spam and health checks on your list to determine if the email addresses you’re sending to are valid. And because companies, such as Clickback, use their own IPs and domains, you’ll generate results instantly in the event that an ISP has blacklisted you.

4. Expand Your Reach

Email is a low-cost, measureable way to generate leads. But limiting yourself to using one medium to market through won’t build awareness because you’re continually reaching the same segment of your prospective and existing customers, again and again. Instead, use a variety of marketing tactics that include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and referral programs – the list goes on. By letting your customers see your brand at different times and in different places and contexts, you’ll increase exposure, new leads and awareness.

5. Stick with What Works

You may be sending emails to a list of cold business contacts and generating a solid amount of leads and business growth. But you’re tired of the same approach – you want something new and fresh. But, does your potential customers? The old adage: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” should be applied here. Fact is, even if your marketing approach is more than two years old and working fine … don’t change it for the sake of it. Stick with what works. You can test new approaches on a small scale to measure against existing results. If you can beat your benchmark, roll with it. If not, test on a very limited basis until you know you’ve built something better.

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