4 Ways to Capture Email Leads and Increase Sales

4 Ways to Capture Email Leads and Increase Sales

Lead generation is one of the key factors in the growth of a business. It generates consumer interest for a product or service with the goal of turning that interest into a sale.

However, a bigger lead-gen pool is not necessarily better. It’s why marketers are busy doing the legwork to not only deliver new leads to sales – but qualified ones. They are going through the arduous task of pre-screening and nurturing existing leads to keep them fully engaged as they make their way into the sales cycle.

Proper lead generation can help drive traffic from high-quality prospects. And with high-quality prospects comes high-value customers. But with all this having to be done, when is there time for marketers to bring in new leads for sales to close?

And with budget restrictions always top-of-mind, the drive to do more with less is a key challenge for many B2B marketers. To optimize marketing dollars and effectively bring in new leads, turning them into sales, marketers will need to find creative approaches to fill the funnel quickly. Email can make this happen. It’s a low-cost, measurable way to drive new leads, create a relevant dialogue with prospects and yield optimal results.

Here’s how marketers can ramp up their email lead generation efforts to capture more email leads, increase sales and grow their business.

Find Your Target Audience

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If you’re interested in the long-term growth of your company, then put greater emphasis on knowing who your target audience is and seeking them out. Sitting on the sidelines and waiting for leads to come to you is a passive approach to marketing. Source a reputable third-party data provider who can help identify who your target audience is and provide you with a targeted email list of contacts. This will immediately provide you with leads for your business until the rest of your marketing efforts begin to produce results.

Learn more about how to turn you target audience into leads.


Content Strategy

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Look at your email content calendar and identify key topics you know your customers want to receive. Fresh, new ideas that are focused with on-point messaging, can position your company as thought leaders to help foster stronger business relationships and get you in front of key prospects. And if your content is compelling and adds value then you have a higher chance of earning your potential email leads trust, which encourages them to share your brand’s content with others.

Find out how to inject empathy into your content marketing for better results.


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Optimize Your Landing Page20943761It’s great to have unique email content, but your campaigns also need to have a dedicated landing page. A place where your potential email leads can connect with your brand and product offerings. Create a page that is directly related to the email message you’ve sent. Targeted landing pages not only increase visitor site interaction but if you tell your potential email lead why they’ve received the email and outline next steps. You can increase conversions, generate more leads from your campaigns and create a more stable sales cycle.

Read more about landing page best practices.


Track MetricsData Report Pana 1

As a marketer, we should always be setting benchmarks, then measuring the success of each campaign sent. To drive email leads into the funnel, analyze the performance metrics of each email deployed. This insight will help to understand what works, so you can continue to provide more of what your audience finds appealing. Track results, adjust and then retest for improved performance that deliver results, new email leads and increase sales.

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