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The above video was a webinar we recently recorded titled 10 Best Practices for Email Lead Generation Campaigns, hosted by our Partner Development Manager, Nick Perricelli. Sponsored by our partner, Karen Talavera from Synchronicity Marketing.

Some notable highlights from the webinar are outlined below – enjoy!

1. Build a Healthy Email List – Killer subject lines. Witty prose. Images that wow. These are a few key things that can deliver exceptional results from an email campaign. But if you have a low-quality email list, these efforts are wasted. Cultivate a healthy email list by following the best practices outlined in our webinar.

2. Subject Lines Should Knock Socks Off – Ah, the subject line. This one-liner is the make, or break, deal of email. Screw it up and you’ll be sent to the corner wearing a dunce cap. Get it right … you’ll be on-stage feeling like a rock star. Follow the email lead generation best practices in the video to maximize your open rate performance.

3. Write Exceptional Email Copy – Easier said than done. Churning out email after email by typing, typing, typing and proofing, proofing, proofing. It’s a daunting task that requires stellar copywriting skills. Because it’s not just about the content, but the context. Once you sell your audience with the subject line, you need to hit repeat and sell them again with your email message. For quick tips that reel in your audience, check out the video.

4. Give Your Landing Page Conversions a Boost – A high-converting landing page seems simple enough to develop…Design it. State your offering. Push live. And, voila. Perfection. So, why is it that visitors who are coming to that page aren’t converting? It’s likely, you’re not clearly communicating to your readers what to do. Don’t worry. There’s a solution for that. Watch the video on email lead generation best practices to learn how to improve opt-ins from your landing page.

5. Deliverability is Key – So, you have a quality email list. Your subject line is bang-on. Your email copy oozes wit. And, your landing page has a high conversion rate from organic traffic. So, why aren’t your email campaigns performing. It comes down to the big ‘D’ … deliverability. As spam filters get smarter, more advanced, it’s in your best interest to know everything that may impact your email’s deliverability. To optimize your deliverability rate, follow best practices for success in the video.

Interested in putting these best-practices into action? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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