Acceptable Use/Anti-Spam Policy

This “AUP” (Acceptable Use Policy) and “ASP” (Anti-Spam Policy) outlined below puts in place standards that administer the use of our “SaaS” (Software-as-a-Service) software and related services provided by Clickback to users. As a cloud-based SaaS company, users need to follow any rules, regulations, laws and guidelines in relation to the use of Clickback’s software agreement. This AUP/ASP is created to protect users from irresponsible, abusive or illegal activities, and to ensure Services provided to users are run consistently and efficiently as possible. By using Services provided by Clickback, you consent and agree to adhere to this AUP/ASP.

No SPAM Permitted

a) What is Spam?

Spam is electronic commercial messages sent to individuals that

  1. Do not have provisions for recipients to ‘opt-out’ or unsubscribe from future mailings, which is in violation of CAN-SPAM Act
  2. Are unsolicited, meaning – a message emailed to an individual that (a) you do not have an existing business relationship with, OR (b) have not consented to receive email correspondence from, which is in violation of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Clickback does not permit SPAM. All users must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to large-volume or commercial emailing and must not violate CAN-SPAM and CASL, or any other law.

b) Violators Must Be Reported

Any user that violates or is found guilty of using Clickback for spam-related purposes by failing to obey CAN-SPAM and CASL laws will be immediately terminated from using our software. In accordance with our AUP and ASP policy, users agree not to use Clickback to break any local, provincial/state, federal or international laws or regulations (including but not limited to those related to spamming, e-commerce, obscenity, defamation or privacy); or to encourage or facilitate any illegal activities; or to harass, threaten or embarrass any person or organization; or to promote MLM (multi-level marketing) or Ponzi schemes; or to distribute illegal, pornographic or potentially harmful or offensive information, photos, software or materials, or include links to Web pages containing any such items. If you know or suspect anyone that may be in violation of this, please notify us at once by emailing abuse (at) clickback (dot) com.

c) Proper Use of Software: Best Practices

Clickback accepts targeted B2B (Business-to-Business) contacts or cold data in its software that allows a user to upload an acquired third-party targeted contact list from a reputable data provider in an effort to send emails to these cold contacts for targeted B2B lead generation purposes.

User agrees to use Clickback’s software to email people who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. The recipient provided his or her email address to a reputable third-party data provider and their contact information was legally purchased, rented or acquired for the intent to email these targeted B2B contacts.
  2. A third-party reputable data provider has added recipients and their contact information, including email addresses, in their database and was purchased, rented or acquired from a reputable data provider with the intent to email these targeted B2B contacts.

User agrees to include its physical address in all email communications, as required by the U.S. CAN-SPAM legislation, and to adhere to the full CAN-SPAM and Canadian CASL guidelines as well as any other applicable local, provincial/state, federal and international laws of the countries of the recipients that are being mailed to.

d) Use of Trademark

Unless Clickback has provided you with express written consent, you are not allowed to use our name, logo, tagline or any other mark of ours or trademarked names of the Service we provide. Types of trademarked items, including without limitation: (a) Logos, (b) images from our website (c) our name or product names (d) a hyperlink to our website or sub-websites (except if permission was expressly given to you by us) (e) implications that we are in partnership, or are an affiliate or that we endorse your business unless we’ve provided consent.

e) General Terms

If a user breaches our AUP or ASP, their account may be immediately suspended or use of our service may be terminated without notice. You also acknowledge that we may provide information to any law, regulation, or government official upon request, court order, subpoena, or by other legal proceedings. Should we disclose any information to a third-party we will notify you, unless we are required to keep this confidential.

Clickback’s AUP and ASP are part of the Clickback Software Agreement that all administrative-level users must agree to and sign before using our services. It also appears as a reminder in the import process every time new recipient lists are uploaded. If any person violates this AUP or ASP, we may deny you access. All rights are reserved.

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