How Does Clickback Work?

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It’s simple! Start with your list of targeted, cold B2B contacts – the larger, the better. Clickback lets you convert cold contacts into warm, opted-in leads using Email Lead Generation™ (ELG) campaigns, and track, target and nurture unconverted contacts using our intuitive Website Visitor Intelligence™ (WVI) technology. Then you can push your newly opted-in leads to any MA or CRM.

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Convert Cold B2B Contacts into Warm Leads with Email.

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Clickback is a lead driver for marketers that want to warm up their cold contacts with a SaaS platform that safely and securely sends Email Lead Generation™ (ELG) campaigns to convert their contacts into opted-in leads, while unconverted contacts are tracked, targeted and nurtured using our Website Visitor Intelligence™ (WVI) technology for increased B2B lead conversion into any CRM/MA tech stack.

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Generate more B2B leads

At Clickback, we help B2B companies aggressively grow their lead pipeline. Our cloud-based lead generation software helps B2B companies keep their marketing and sales pipelines topped up.

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